Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Winner Is...(And Yet Another Contest...)

Meet the Judge: Sebastian. My psychotic sheds-like-theres-no-tomorrow-and-looks-gorgeous-and-sweet-but-really-is-a-holy-terror-and-possibly-more-neurotic-then-his-mom cat. He drew blood made sure I didn't cheat.

View the hat:

I had this custom made at a local county fair when I was visiting dad a few years ago. Please ignore the GIANT stain on the brim (#lipglossfail or something)

See how many peeps entered? I LOVE YOU DARLING READERS. MWAH SUGARS!!!!

(PS Looking at the photo after the fact it's not that many but OMG for my wee little blog...I'm more than thrilled!)

And see who won??

And OMG it was so NOT rigged. Sebastian made sure of that. But so glad my hasn't blogged in fucking ages girl Harmzie won.

If you're lucky sugar, there will be cookies in with that book.


In totally unrelated news...who the fuck is the girl in the plaid dress and the plaid bow in the early Charlie Brown cartoons?

I couldn't find a picture of just her because she's pretty fucking ancillary and-slash-or insignificant. But you can see her head and her bow poking out between Lucy and Linus and you can see the plaid hem of her dress. If she had boobs, Schroder's nose would be buried in her right one.

I call her Butterscotch girl. I don't know why. And by now you should know never to question me.

Anyways, whoever is the first to correctly identify her (WITH PROOF) will win a Charlie Brown DVD gift pack with It's the Great Pumpkin and A Charlie Brown Christmas because OMFG I'M GENEROUS LIKE THAT PEOPLES.

And please don't tell me that's Peppermint Patty because we all know that Peppermint Patty was a lesbian who wore a striped green bowling shirt and called Charlie Brown Chuck. She did not wear pretty plaid dresses with matching bows So. Don't. Even. Try. It.

UPDATE: Thank you Kyooty! Butterscotch Girl has a real name: Patty. Just not Peppermint. I can now go on living. (PS Dear Charles Schulz: I know you're dead and all but for the record, I think it's very confusing that you named 2 characters in your comic strip the same thing. Then again, that's kind of how it is in real life - right? I mean I have 2 close friends who share my name - so on second thought, congrats on being a forward-thinking, intellectual badass. Or something.)


kyooty said...

She's the girl with the bow, remember Charlie Brown went out to buy her a gift and bought her a pair of gloves? that's her. yep that's my guess, they called her "the girl with the..." and I want to say "Bow"

kyooty said...

I'm back and I was wrong. I was thinking of the little red haired girl that he bought the gloves for but this plaid girl? she's Patty the first patty, NOT peppermint patty,.

there is the most proof I could get.

Marshall said...

That's Amelia Earhart. She left the series early on.

Nancy said...

kyooty is correct - that is Patty, not to be confused with Peppermint Patty.

She actually has a speaking part in A Charlie Brown Christmas and her voice is that of Karen Mendelson so I guess is the daughter of the show's producer Lee Mendelson.

harmzie said...


I'd like to thank the Academy, and Country Girl for such an awesome blog, and Country Girl's dad for holding off on that restraining order *just* long enough for me to prove that... uh... scratch that last part.

... But most of all: Sebastian. Without you, darling, I'd be just another shred of paper in Country Girl's bathroom garbage can right now... [sniff] I feel like breaking into song. Or a blog post. But most likely, song.

Can I have the hat too? (#pushingit)

debb said...

I know you made all types of rules and proof that this was not rigged but I still say I was wronged, wronged I say. I deserve that book just ask Kayne West. He'll tell ya. If this were real time I would've made sure he interrupted Harmzie's speech on my behalf.


Congrats Harmzie!

kyooty said...

Yes in my excitment to get the new question right, I totally forgot to congratulate Harmzie! YAY! for the Canadian. :)