Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kiawah: In Pictures

The night before my departure, The Kaiser and Sumo took me out for a civilized, celebratory drink.

This was the view of the sunset from my balcony when I checked into the hotel.

This was sunrise the next morning. They look kind of similar.

What idiot gets a pedicure BEFORE she runs a half marathon? Anyways - my virginal, "we've never run more than 10 mile" feet the night before they popped their cherry.

Papardelle Bolognese is one way to carbo load. So is Chianti.

I hate all of the Race morning photos. Given my scarf/sweater situation I look like I have no neck. Also? No hair on my face is not a good look. Sigh. Anyways - me and mom. Neither of us like this photo but I feel compelled to post.

Everything I just wrote above except substitute Dad for Mom. And add "double chin" to the whole "no neck" thing. Ugh.

Coming down the home stretch.

I. Love. This. Photo. It sums up the entire race in 1, determined, Kiss My Ass Kiawah shot.

The Race clock a few seconds before I cross the line. Three to be exact. Not that I was counting.

WINNER! And yes - that's totally an empty beer cup in my hand.

Leave me alone Dad. I have to Tweet/update my Facebook status/text 50 of my nearest and dearest friends.

Dad at the post-Race celebratory dinner. He probably hates this picture too but hey - we'll just call this the Album of Unflattering Photos That Must Be Published Because This Was An Epic Moment For Me and That Means Photos!

Dad and I split a MASSIVE bone-in ribeye. They call it a Tomahawk chop. It was a helluva way to celebrate.

Stormy seas the morning we left.

And that darling readers, concludes this epic journey. Thanks for cheering me on all the way. I couldn't have done it without you!


Shelly Overlook said...

Dude, what's up with the above commenter? You got a side job now?

debb said...

Love the pic of your dad in the black sweater. Did your brother get his beautiful blue eyes?

Thanks for all the pics of your history making day!

kyooty said...

I love it! pictures and a good story. I love the picture of you tweeting the best!

Nenette AM said...

Are you kidding me?! That picture of you with your mom? Beautiful! And I'm so not exaggerating.