Monday, December 07, 2009

The Breakfast Club

I was a blogging fail this weekend and did not do my usual "write 18 posts for the week and get it out the of the way" thing. Silly me - I was too busy having fun. Sorry kids.

But since I hate to leave you empty handed - especially on a Monday - here are pictures from Pixie's mphphpth Birthday on Saturday night. We spent most of the night dancing our asses off at The Breakfast Club, an 80s theme club in The Big City. And if you can't tell - I take my 80s nights VERY seriously.

PS My ankle and knee were so not hurting the next day. Uh-uh. Because that would just be redonkulous given that I am running a half-marathon in SIX EFFING DAYS. OMFG y'all.

So for the record - we saw Santa at the upstairs bar and I was all: OMG - let's get our picture taken with Santa. And so I approached him and sweetly asked if he would mind posing for a photo and he's all: Not now - I have to go breakdance. Seriously y'all - WTF Santa?

So he went down to the dance floor and shook his moneymaker for a few minutes and I tried to take his picture but my camera was being a beyotch flash didn't work because of all the 80s fabulous disco lights. But eventually Lilsaej and I found him in the stairwell and we practically tackled him asked him AGAIN if he would mind posing for a photo with 2 GORGEOUS GIRLS and he was all begrudging about the whole thing like he had SOMETHING BETTER TO DO and you can tell from the look on his face that someone totally pissed in his Cheerios that morning. Seriously - I've never seen someone more sour looking. You know what else? He was totally holding a beer. You know what else? I was so hopped up about having my photo taken with Santa that I got over-excited and nearly peed myself made that dumb-ass kissy face and now I look like a God damn puffer fish in my Santa shot. Clearly I won't be using *this* as my holiday card. Sigh y'all.

You know what else? According to my friend His Girl Friday guys dressed like Santa get a lot of action. She said it's more effective then walking around with a puppy. I'd say she's right in theory but looking at the above photo you have to fucking wonder.

PS I was totally wearing legwarmers but the legwarmer shot didn't load right. You'll have to trust me. But as stated - I take this shit seriously. Also? I have more jelly bracelets than any living person in this day and age should have.

PPS I just realized I already wrote a PS so I guess that makes my previous PS a PPS and this one a PPPS.

Sigh. I need help y'all. Clearly.


AndreAnna said...

I love 80s clubs!! You look fab!

Hope your ankle is better soon!

Heather@WHMB said...

I vote yes to the Christmas card! Looks like a blast.

kyooty said...

clears throat... jewish?