Thursday, December 31, 2009

Au Revoir Country Girl

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." ~ R. Bach

My Darling Readers:

It is with bittersweet sadness that I inform you that today's post will be the final post for If That Ain't Country.

Three and a half years ago I arrived in North Carolina toting a psychotic cat, an assload of luggage and all of the neuroses and quirks that you would expect from a Jewish girl raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I didn't know a Bojangles biscuit from Mr. Bojangles and OMFG haven't you people ever heard of iced coffee?

Life was one giant fish out of water experience for me and I began this blog as a way to communicate those experiences to family and friends en masse. Ooh look - Country Girl is driving a pick up truck. Ooh look - Country Girl is at a biker bar. Ooh look - Country Girl just downloaded Toby Keith onto her iPod (shut up). Ooh look - Country Girl is watching NASCAR (while wearing Dolce & Gabanna heels thank you very much). I was way. Out. Of. My. Element.

But after three and a half years, none of this comes as a big surprise any more. I am no longer a fish out of water and frighteningly, I actually fit in just fine when Lilsaej and I ventured to Bristol over the summer. What does come as a surprise is that my wee little blog has readers who aren't related to me by blood. Seriously y'all? That shit tickles me to no end.

My life has changed dramatically over the last three and a half years and as my friend His Girl Friday pointed out: my life these days? Well - it just ain't that country and frankly, I just don't feel like Country Girl any more. A chapter in the story of my life has come to a close, and so I am bringing this blog to a close as well.

But before you start tearing your hair out and wailing and begin a campaign on Facebook to revive my wee little blog, know that I am not disappearing entirely. Another blog is in the works and I hope that with the help of my amazingly awseometastic and incomparable blogging consigliere, one Miss Beth Fish, I will be live on Monday, Jan 4th. New year. New decade. New blog. Same twisted, neurotic rantings from your favorite sassypants blogger.

Look for me to announce my new blog on Twitter as soon as I go live. If you don't do Twitter, leave your email in the comments section of this post or send me an email at and I will send you the new site details as soon as I am up and running.

So thanks to all of you who have been loyal fans and readers and supporters over the last 3 years. It means so much to me that anyone out there would actually take me and my writing seriously. And I hope you stick around for the next chapter. Because my life is just now starting to get interesting.


xoxo Country Girl


AndreAnna said...

I LOVE that "Sassypants" stuck, as I think that is my official new name for you.

P.S. I be where you be, ho. Lead the way.

debb said...

I am so sad to hear you are leaving If that Ain't Country. I feel like I just found you.

Please let me know when you go live, since I am un twittered.

My e-mail is

Take Care and can't wait for the new you to debut!

harmzie said...

am dying here, little butterfly. But patient. BUT NOT VERY!!!

[ahem] xox

Nenette AM said...

So excited I could burst! Well, I told you all via email... but still, excited!!!


Karen from Mentor said...

Can't wait to see what emerges from your fevered brain.

AndreAnna's PS sounds biblical....

well except for the ho part.

unless she meant ho as in
"HO! circle the wagons"...then her ps would sound more like the beginning of an adventure.... with leather and spurs...hey..I'm in.

M&Co. said...

I'd love to read your new blog!

Jen said...

Really looking forward to your new blog and continuing adventures! XOXO.

rtfgvb775 said...

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