Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Questions for the Ages

How the Hell do you follow 8,247 people on Twitter? Or even 2,719? Or even 156? I follow 93 (at least 20 of whom don't even really Tweet) and I find that to be *overwhelming*

Seriously folks - how do you do it?

* * * * *

Is it possible to go to Target and spend less than $100?

* * * * *

Tinsel on the tree. Yes or No?


Nancy said...

I don't know how you can follow that many people on Twitter. But some people tweet alot alot, and others not at all...so maybe it balances out.
Target in under $100 most times because mine's not conveniently located. Walmart's my "go in for one thing come out with 10" store.
No tinsel, too messy. Haven't had it in years. 3rd year with a fake tree and I don't know why we waited so long. Oh right, the tree cutting pictures.

Shelly Overlook said...

You don't. I've really been trying hard to unfriend/unfollow people I don't really care about or those that I started out just snooping on. I only have so much time, so I'm trying to focus on people that are important to me and leave the others behind.

Highly unlikely.

No no no. It never looks right, properly balanced, without clumps. & it's messy. Strike 3.

AndreAnna said...

You can't really follow that many people. Basically, YOURE tweeting and not interacting, which to me negates the point of twitter.

No tinsel. Cat eats it. Then comes the inevitable butt tinsel. We use long ribbons. Pretty and classy.

I've spent under $100 in Target maybe twice, and both times I think I had a fever.

kyooty said...

Since I don't have a cellphone I'm part of the 20?

Ciel said...

Lincoln County? NO TINSEL You should only have homemade decorations. A must is to visit Ron Ballard's house on Ivey CHurch Road.

Heather@WHMB said...

Hi! Just visiting for the first time...I'm a Texas girl in love and obsessed with Manhatten. Been there many times and married an Italian, New Yorker ... although I can't get him to move us there! :)

I love the idea that you sport your Louis while jammin' to your country radio. Awesome.

On to the questions:

Twitter - eh, whatever. Tiring to me as I'm clearly not interesting enough to post as much as everyone else.

Target - nope. never. $100 everytime, regardless of what you intended to buy.

Tinsel - NO. :)

Derick said...

I was recently googling Fox's Fish Camp trying to see who or what had recently won the auction for the now closed resturant. I found your blog through the google pages and I realize that was awhile back but I also read some of your recent blogs about shopping at Target and what not. I also read the short bio on the side of your page and I was just curious.

I personally, live in Boger City where all we have really in the retail department is a Wal-Mart and I was just wondering your thoughts on the retail in this part of Lincolnton. I think its very poor and lots of land and empty buildings are around just waiting for something to provide choice for shoppers and jobs for the jobbless. While others...

Well, others seem to have the attitude to just go to Denver, Hickory, etc, we dont need it here blah blah blah....

But much like I read in one of your comments from a fellow fan of yours. Sometimes you love a store like Target/KMart/etc but its just not close enough when you need it and if it was here your 100 dollar visit at Target would be more and more cause you would go there everyday. :D

So, what are your thoughts?