Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No - I DON'T Want To Be YOUR Friend

My good friend ModernMatriarch did a fantabulous job guest posting on some of the evils of Facebook however there is a subject she did not touch on that I am passionate about: Friend Requests. Here's a clue people:

* If you and I have NEVER EVER MET and HAVE ZERO MUTUAL FRIENDS, I don't want to be your friend on Facebook. Seriously - how did you ever find me?

* Just because you and I have 3 or 5 or even 8 mutual friends but we have never met, I don't want to be your friend on Facebook.

* If you come to town to take me to dinner but then get drunk on the Lake and forget to tell me where to meet you, I don't want to be your friend on Facebook.

* If you've "seen me around town" and "know who I am" but your friend request has me scratching my head as in "Who the fuck are you dude," I don't want to be your friend on Facebook.

* If we work together, I don't want to be your friend on Facebook.

* If I already defriended you ONCE, I definitely don't want to be your friend on Facebook.

My problem is not the requests themselves - although some of them do tend to make me wonder. Just because someone wants to be my friend, it doesn't mean I have to accept. But ever since I heard that if you press the ignore button on a friend request that person can still refriend you and then somehow backdoor their way into your Facebook (or so says a friend of mine who happens to have over 1,100 friends on Facebook so I figure she's some kind of authority), I just leave the ones I don't want to be friends with in purgatory. And while this shouldn't be a big deal, I have mild OCD like you would not believe and to see these unanswered requests piling up DRIVES ME FUCKING BATTY.

So I propose some kind of rule - like if a person doesn't accept your friend request within a month, then GET A FUCKING CLUE the request is automatically removed and can not be resubmitted. Seriously. Is that too much to ask?

What are your thoughts on random Facebook Friend Requests dear readers??


AndreAnna said...

I fucking hate Facebook.

The end.

I love you, though. :)

Shelly Overlook said...

I'm totally getting over FB. I unfriended a bunch of high school classmates after our 20 yr reunion this summer, people I just don't give a shit about. Several keep requesting to re-friend me. Get a hint, lame-o!

Glad to know I'm not the only one with OCD in-box compulsions. I can't let them get cluttered up. I just can't. It drives me insane.

Ciel said...

Obviously I love FB for staying in touch - particularly since I mostly live out of the US - and it can be good for the occasional laugh, bit of political commentary or recipe exchange (Sorry folks who hate that. It is part of why I exist)

I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know or to whom I have not somehow been "introduced" - like you country girl. If I become friends with someone and later learn I made a BIG mistake (generally someone from high school or some other previous existence that I did not find enjoyable)I NEVER unfriend them. They only come back again and again like begging puppies.

Instead I hide the annoying party. That way their ego remains intact and I am left to go on with my life. Sort of like the joy-filled day when I learned the effectiveness of the delete button for e-mail.

harmzie said...

I have love/hate with FB. And I can totally relate with the need to clean out your "pending" list. I just ignore the friend requests, but the ones that make me nuts are the drinks & bumper stickers & all the other stuff. I'm afraid to reject a "drink" from a friend who I don't really talk to all that often and can't just say "what the FUCK is that? FAKE drinks? Do you even KNOW me?" (because it could be taken as seriously pissed, when really I'm just goofin around), but I don't really want to add all these crap aps either. So they sit there, making me nuts. And then I have a meltdown and "ignore" them all...

I also can't stand having a "new message" or "new caller" showing on my phone - unless I haven't dealt with it. When I walk into someone else's office an their phone light is blinking or their phone says "89 new callers", I want to shake them. And don't get me started about twisted phone cords. Thank goodness for cordless.

I'm done now.

Oh, except also, I'm stressed about (RL) friends' KIDS (12-15 yo) friending me. I can't wait until these teens get 300 friends so I can slip away unnoticed.

NOW I'm done. Thanks!

Nenette AM said...

I've had MY SON'S FRIENDS try to friend me on FB! Holy Crap!

I've got to try not to FB so much anymore. It's becoming a crutch.

Oh, and I'm with Harmzie re: the virtual drinks/stickers/crap/etc. Even the sushi ones are pissing me off now.

Fiona Picklebottom said...

I've had friend requests from people whose names I recognized and thought, "Maybe we were actually friends in high school and I just don't remember." Then I've had ones where I then (before accepting the friendship) sent a message to the person saying, "I do not have a frickin' CLUE who you are... enlighten me." She knew enough about my sixth grade self that I accepted, hoping that I would remember when I saw her pictures. But no, I still don't have a clue.

Strange how it's the ones you can't remember that post updates INCESSANTLY. Seriously, don't they do ANYTHING else? I've unfriended a couple of these folks, and I hide the others. I've also ignored the requests. But I can't leave anything in purgatory... I'm OCD like that too.

Fiona Picklebottom said...

Also, what the hell is a farkle chip and why do people keep giving them to me?