Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Important Numbers

Credit for this post format goes to the ever-brilliant Rude Cactus. Thanks dude.

* Number of days in which this post actually takes place: 1

* Number of hours "gained" that day: 1

* Number of hours slept before my journey began making said gained hour useless: 3

* Number of caffeinated beverages consumed: 6

* Number of planes boarded: 2

* Number of times I felt like jumping into a vat of Purell: 453

* Number of hours actually spent on the ground in NY: 7

* Number of breakfasts consumed: 3...or 4 if you count a grande skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks as breakfast

* Amount spent at various airports on overpriced concessions: $17.17

* Number of times I kicked myself for forgetting to bring my leftover Halloween candy: 8

* Number of times I was with someone who got lost: 4

* Number of times I got lost in a cemetery: 1

* Number of heroes honored: 1

* Number of times I asked why there were no caffeinated beverages at lunch: at least 10

* Number of Starburst pilfered from my lovely cousin in the hopes that a wee bit of sugar would keep me upright: 1

* Number of references to the fact that I was in heels all day: 2

* Number of awkward conversations: 1

* Number of TVs at the bar at the airport: 2

* Number of those TVs turned to Talladega: 0

* Number of minutes spent anxiously sweating my standby status: 123

* Number of overpriced glasses of wine consumed in an attempt to chill out: 2

* Number of pre-boarding, anxiety-laced, standby Tweets: 5

* Number of post-boarding, I'm headed home Tweets: 1

* Number of wired-on-too-much-Halloween-candy-sugar-and-wouldn't-shut-up children sitting in the row behind me: 3

* Number of times my seat was kicked: 1,782

* Number of times I turned around and politely asked the little girl behind me to FUCKING SIT STILL GODDAMMIT please be more careful: 0 - I figured God had smiled on me by getting me on the 5:05 and I did not want to. Push. My. Luck.

* Total amount of time spent traveling door to airport to NY to airport and back to door: 13 hours, 31 minutes

And most importantly...

* Number of posts I have published on this blog: THIS MAKES 500

And if that ain't knock me over fantastic, I'll kiss your...In fact, I'll kiss it FIVE HUNDRED TIMES!!!


AndreAnna said...

Wow, that sounds like a loooong day.

Wooo on 500

(I'm nearing 1000) I KNOW!

Karen from Mentor said...

Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 500 Hundred?

F I V E H U N D R E D ? ? ? ? ?

wow. I have 98 posts. But I've only been blogging since the spring.

Congrats!!! and Woo stinking hoo!!!

Oh, and now I know why you haven't been over to read the Ten questions Tuesday interview yet which is a feature that you profess to LOVE and is one that is such a pain to do [except with lovely women like yourself] that I've now moved it to only once a month.

Translation? come over and read the damn thing dammit.....laughing...

hugs darlin! glad you're home safe.
Karen :0)

kyooty said...

500!!! that didn't take long did it?