Monday, November 16, 2009

For Realz, Yo!

I have tried, on occasion, to explain my "online" friends to people but they sort of look at me like I am mildly insane and Oh Gee Country Girl - are you so lonely/desperate/hard up that you have resorted to making friends on the internetweblogosphere?

Well...when you put it like that...Except wait. This is not 1990. Chat rooms are a distant memory (right - someone please tell me that chat rooms are indeed a distant memory). Social networking is mainstream. And I can point to at least 3 couples in my life who met through online dating services. So yeah - I have strictly Interwebs friends - what of it?

I forget how it all started exactly. I think that Harmzie found Dad through Rude Cactus and then she discovered me via dad on Twitter and started reverse stalking me. She introduced me to Nenette - who is her actual IRL BFF. I don't recall where ModernMatriarch came in but she did - and with a martini-mixing, cookie-baking, sharp-tongued vengeance.

It started out small: a comment on a blog post. The occasional reply on Twitter. Then we went to the next level: drunk Tweeting and freebie lists (and drunk Tweeting about freebie lists). Then we became friends on Facebook. Then emails were exchanged. Real names were divulged. Addresses were shared and baked goods were sent.

I've never met these women in person. I haven't even talked to them on the phone. Nonetheless, I consider them my friends without equivocation.

We've discussed meeting up and getting together before. And it always seems like a good idea but we're rather scattered to the far corners, there are jobs and children to think about, competing busy schedules, where would we possibly meet that's convenient and oh yeah one of us in Canada did not have a passport until recently (not mentioning names cough Harmzie) which meant unless we all wanted to freeze our ta-tas off in Winnipeg, we had to wait for said enginerd to get her paperwork in order. Which she did. Finally.

And then last week ModernMatriarch sent an email asking us if we were going to Blogher 2010 and suggesting that if we weren't, why didn't we consider getting together IRL for realz, yo! Her timing was impeccable because less than 24 hours later we had a city (Chicago), a date (Feb 5 - 7), and we were well on our way to booking a hotel room.

THEN...ModernMatriarch invited her IRL friend and fellow blogger Cass Just Curious to join and then she got really crazy and she invited the whole damn Twitterverse. Well - her Twitterverse which includes nearly 300 followers and then Harmzie ReTweeted to her 261 followers and I ReTweeted to my 40 followers (and 130 Pornbots) and suddenly, to quote ModernMatriarch: It's about to get Broughten. By Us. Chi-Town watch out.

I have no idea where we stand at headcount. I doubt we displace BlogHer but I know we're going to need more than 2 hotel rooms. And overall I think it's pretty fucking amazing and I for one Can. Not. Wait.

And if you don't think that the Internetweblogosphere is a pretty amazing place, I'll totally kiss your...


AndreAnna said...

It's on like Donkey Kong!

kyooty said...

AWesome!!! and I found you because I know Nennette since about 2001 (internetly) and then Harmazie saw my blog, and then I saw your Tweets. It's all fun!! :) Have A Great time in February!

harmzie said...

Clarification: I said "hey, if you like me you should check out ModernMatriarch" or something to that effect. I think maybe you asked about other cool blogs. I wonder how far back you can go on Twitter?

Correction: YOU found ME on Twitter. I remember b/c I was all "what the HELL, more p0rn-b0ts? Oh, wait, this one looks real, and that name is so familiar..." (Aside: Dad just commented on my blog for the first time, like EVER - so I know I didn't imagine the whole thing. I was so jazzed my head just about exploded, but it was a sombre occasion so I couldn't freak out there. I think he did it on purpose just to stick it to me.)

(@Kyooty: "internetly" - love it)

Also: I've been telling everyone that I'm going to meet some "people I met on the internet" just to get their freaked out reaction. Is that wrong? They get all quiet right after. I am amused. Then I tell them you both sent me cookies, and they're all "AND YOU ATE THEM???" WTF? Should I have been worried? :-)

Nenette AM said...

I'm so happy I met you! And it makes me totally giggle that we completely bonded over hot freebie dudes.

I'm still sad that my bathroom went tits-up, and I won't be able to come to ChiChi! Okay, so I'll have an awesome new bathroom after all of this, but still... I WANNA GOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Chest Roswell said...

1) Meeting Canadians and staying in a single hotel room in the dead of winter? We'll know where to direct the CPD when dismembered sections of your body show up floating in the Chicago River. Remember, there's a reason why we have a border to the north.

2) Congratulations on having a few friends who have actually developed a relationship past the physical stage after meeting online. I have acquaintances that have managed to lure potential mates into an introductory meeting (in a public place, thank Christ) and even one who produced a child that he gets to see once a month as a result of a technology based liaison. I liken such setups to commercials for online services intended to match individuals with their perfect mate. You know, those based on an innumerous number of personality traits – traits that the applicant has to fill out, of course, which is the fundamental flaw in the system. Who wants to date someone that admits to biting their own toenails, brags on having the entire Hasselhoff audio body of work (apologies to my German friends) or lists the director’s cut of “Nell” amongst their favorite movies – Even the most tolerant and liberal of us have boundaries. I have male friends and acquaintances that have actually FLOWN TO THE SOVIET UNION in order to meet women interested in meeting them. Being married for 15+ years and not getting laid for roughly half of them has been somewhat traumatizing to me, but I’ve yet to consider dropping a few thousand on a trip to Minsk just so a broad that sounds like Boris Badenoff’s sidekick can tell me how alluring I am. I’ve seen some of the Russian girls these guys bring back and have some impressions of our friends to the east: 1) Russia must really suck if hot chicks are willing to drop everything to come back to the US with a high school graduate sporting thinning hair. 2) Russia and the ex-eastern bloc has some lovely, yet desperate, women. Ultimately my point is that technology and arranged liaisons have taken that uncomfortable, getting to know you, “this is who I am” process that scarred many of us in our teen years (my Salinger-esque self included) and allowed us to run potential contacts through the “can this person be my friend?” combine at a distance. How times have changed.

Ladies, I hope that you enjoy the estrogen filled blog fest in February and I look forward reading reports.

Fear the Canadians.

Karen from Mentor said...

I enjoyed chest's assesment.

Soooo glad you guys are getting together. Can't wait to see the pictures fit to print.

And I LOVED MY COOKIES! they were awesome and not at all poisoned...
....unless it's really slow acting poison hmmmmm I have been feeling a little light headed the last ocuple of days...and I did pass out yesterday..but I'm sure it's nothing......