Saturday, October 03, 2009

Shopping Outside My Comfort Zone: Part 2 (I'll Be Needing Some More Xanax Thank You Very Much)

When we last left off, you were giggling with glee at my delightfully witty (yet clearly overtired) ramblings and I was promising you a cliffhanger on par with "Who Shot JR" only it was clear from the first sentence of the post that "Oh yeah - I bought a car" so really it hardly qualified as a cliffhanger but as previously stated I was E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D. and therefore not really thinking like a logical human being. Not that I do that anyways. So yeah - back to me being the type of girl to walk into a dealership on an exceptionally rainy Saturday and buy a car practically on the spot.

After Toyota, I traveled about a quarter of a mile down the road to the Honda dealership where I was introduced to my salesman, Patrick. I was a little bit disappointed when Patrick told me they only had 2 certified, pre-owned CRVs on the lot because I could have sworn from some online research that they had more. And I was even more disappointed when I saw the 2 on the lot: a gorgeous dark blue 08 that was FULLY LOADED and an equally gorgeous silvery blue 07 that was NEARLY FULLY LOADED. Why was I disappointed? Well, these are NOT the types of cars that a girl like me i.e. driving a beat to shit 1999 Chevy Blazer graduates to. A girl like me graduates to an 04 or an o5 or possibly an 06 with some bells and whistles but certainly not FULLY LOADED or even NEARLY FULLY LOADED and OMG have you seen the new body style on the CRV? Totally, totally gorg.

Still - I was there. And when Patrick asked me if I wanted to test drive one I said sure because why not and so we hopped in the 08, took it for a spin, and I fell in love. Of course, because Honda is classy, there were no actual prices on the car. Miles, amenities, warranty info - all of it. But no price. And I knew in my deepest heart of hearts that this car was not only outside of my price range but that it was well out of my price range but really after driving it and drinking deep of the soft leather interior and XM radio - how could I settle for anything less?

So seriously y'all? You know how in movies and TV the car guy totally writes the price out on a piece of paper as a jumping off point for negotiations? That shit happens in real life too. Seriously. So we got back to the dealership and Patrick and I sat down at his desk across from one another and he began the dance immediately:

Patrick: "Country Girl. I won't lie to you. I've already sold one car today but I'd really like to sell another."

CG: "Patrick. I won't lie to you. There is no way in Hell I plan to buy a car today. It is literally my FIRST day looking at cars. This was really a recon trip and nothing more. I just don't see myself buying a car on the first day. I need to do some more research. Not to mention I have no idea how much the 2 CRVs even cost."

This is the point where Patrick wrote down the cost for the 07 and the 08 and my heart broke into a million pieces because these cars weren't even remotely close to my price range. Well, the 07 was about 4 towns over from the high, high end of my planned spending range but that's still pretty damn far in Carville.

I was honest with Patrick and he nodded in total understanding and then he asked me if I had planned to trade in the Blazer. I said yes and he asked how much I thought it was worth. Well, The Godfather and I had discussed this. He told me realistically how much it was worth and I had looked up the trade in value on Kelly Blue Book and knew what it was worth depending on whether or not the car was in fair condition or excellent condition and I took a gamble and shot my wad and went for the highest amount possible not actually believing that they would bite.

Patrick disappeared into one of those locked glass fishbowls that says "SECURE AREA - AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY" (which by the way - what the fuck? It's a damn car dealer not a fucking nuclear power plant...) so he could confer with his manager (since I've learned that the guys on the floor are merely middlemen and not actually authorized to make any actual decisions) and a few minutes later he returned. They were willing to give me the requested amount on the trade in - did that help? I told him that the 08 was off the table completely and that while the 07 was inching towards something I might actually consider, was still a ways off. Patrick once again reiterated his determination to sell another car and I once again assured him it would not be to me.

Once again, he disappeared into the fish bowl and returned shortly thereafter with Mr. Manager. Mr. Decision Maker. Mr. Decision Maker told me that rainy Saturdays SUCKED and they really wanted to sell another car otherwise they'd get Hell in their Monday morning meeting and I went through the whole song and dance about how I simply could not buy a car my FIRST day out and oh yeah by the way even though you're being very generous on the trade in the 07 is still out of my range. Then the dreaded question: What's your range?

Oh dear. I am not exactly a black belt negotiator but I do know that you never want to show your cards first only...what choice did I have? Then again - what did I have to lose? I told him my range and I quickly followed the numbers up with my online, documented research explaining that it seemed like there were a number of 05s and 06s in that price range and I was sure I could find one. Well - Mr. Manager got to be Mr. Manager for a reason. As it turns out, this Honda dealer is part of a large automotive group. He offered to look in their database and see if there was an 05 or an 06 at another dealer that fell into my price range. Once again, the boys disappeared into the fishbowl and I was left to wait.

Mr. Manager emerged a few minutes later smiling. They were willing to offer me the 07 at $XXX all-in including taxes and trade in and everything and oh yeah how convenient that $XXX was just eking in under the top of my willing to spend range. Oh dear. Now the pressure was really on. We had been dancing up until this point but now they were moving in for the kill. How could I say no? After all - it was a NEARLY FULLY LOADED 07 with less than 10,000 miles and they were willing to sell it to me for a price I had stated I was willing to pay.

At the end of the day I stuck to my guns. I told them I needed some time to think about it and to do a little more research and could I come back and see them tomorrow? They agreed.

So I went home and called The Godfather and we crunched the numbers and looked at resale value and trade-in and I looked at comparable 07 CRVs to see what they were selling for and I looked at what types of CRVs were selling for the price they had given me and at the end of the day, although I had not planned to buy the 2nd car at the 2nd dealership on the 1st day of my car buying endeavors - we agreed that the deal was simply too good to pass up. Did I mention that the 2-1/2 year old car had less than 10,000 miles?

So I returned the next day and actually drove the 07 (since I hadn't yet) and when I got back to the dealer I asked Patrick where to pull in and he said: just pull up front and I was like: are you sure? and he was like: well aren't you driving it home? And then it hit me. I WAS BUYING A CAR! WOOO-HOOO.

So yeah. I bought a car. Me. I. By myself. And it was AWESOME. And I LOVE my new car and driving it makes me feel so fucking incredible. Seriously - when you drive a beater, you feel a little beaten down. When you drive a spiffy, shiny, sexy, newish, NEARLY FULLY LOADED car - well you feel spiffy, shiny and sexy too.

And I know I promised you pictures but frankly, I have been living through some kind of IT Apocalypse these last 2 weeks and essentially my entire laptop was rebuilt and I don't have the software reloaded that I need in order to download pictures and I am too fucking lazy to go upstairs and root around and find the CD and load it so for now you are just going to have to take my word for it. Is that a problem lovely readers?


Karen from Mentor said...

Laughing...ok baby...miss feels sexy and shiny and almost fully loaded...[not going to touch that last part with a ten foot pole]

kudos to youdos...

and the fun thing that I found out?
If you start at the end and read from bottom to top it's just as fun.

somebody go in and count the f bombs...I want to know if it's a record....

hugs ms thang.
now I can go off and start my morning safe in the knowledge that you're in a car that probably won't break down this week...
[unlike mine which had a flat in the pouring rain yesterday...but I'm warm and dry now and laughing it's all good]

harmzie said...

Congratulations. You get both of them now! :-)

Congratulations on the car, but mostly, congratulations on the process!

Shelly Overlook said...

Woo hoo for you and your new car!

I hate car shopping. I hate the negotiations. I hate the secret missions behind the locked door. I hate the "managers" who make my salesperson totally obsolete. The process sucks hairy donkey balls.

That is why I am even more proud of you! SO awesome. Of course it'd be even more awesome with pictures, but I'm trying not to be too demanding.

Karen from Mentor said...

I hope you and Shelly don't mind but I want to comment on her comment. The lines:

The process sucks hairy donkey balls.
Of course it'd be even more awesome with pictures, but I'm trying not to be too demanding.

rolling on the floor.....

*waves* at Shelly

kyooty said...

way to go. I'm still the "conditional on my wife not balling me out" clause here.