Friday, October 09, 2009

A Lame List Cuz I Have Nothing Else to Blog About

It's officially Fall. I mean - it was officially Fall a few weeks ago but somehow it never quite feels like Fall until October and so 9 days into October I can comfortably say that it's officially Fall. And since there is absolutely NOTHING OF INTEREST GOING ON IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW (I know - y'all are shocked!) I figured I'd wax prophetic on all of the things I love about this season.

* Leaves changing colors
* Hot tea in the morning with loads of Splenda and half & half
* Sweaters and boots
* Pumpkins
* The abundance of candy
* Cool mornings and warm afternoons
* Jeans
* The Chase
* Red wine. These days I am on a Malbec kick.
* Fleece
* Flannel
* Fire in my fireplace
* The return of soup to my diet
* Black tights
* Things that stick to your ribs
* MLB Play-offs
* Oktoberfest
* Corduroy
* Choosing a Halloween costume
* Back to School specials
* Dark lipstick
* Cashmere
* My new perky, purple coat. It is literally the happiest coat you have ever seen.
* The Great Pumpkin on ABC
* The prospect of stuffing
* All things apple

What do you love about Fall?


kyooty said...

oh oh oh the black tights! great list, for me it's
snuggle weather,
flannel sheets
apple pies
my son's birthday

Karen from Mentor said...

"The prospect of stuffing"

hee hee hee ...snort...

Shelly Overlook said...

Do you dress up each year for Halloween?