Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Think I May Chuck It All and Become a Pit Bunny: Part 2

The Race - In Photos:

The Big Head Racing Bus.

That's a crapload of coolers. Full of a crapload of beer.

Grandstand seating on top of the BHR bus.

Bunks - for when too much beer creeps up on you. Or because you are camping in the infield for 3 days.

Prefer a hammock? Billy Ray does.

Billy Ray, The Kaiser and Sumo. These are my boys and BTW - they took EXCELLENT care of me!

Me and Sumo kick it off.

Yes that's ME. In front of the #48. The actual car which won the WHOLE race. OMG y'all!

#48's very shiny hauler.

This photo of Harvick's car is a shout out to my friends at Richard Childress Racing. Love Ya!

How could we not take a photo of Gordon's car?

Me standing in JIMMIE'S pit stall. Promptly fainted.

Was revived. And then died. Right there. And went to heaven. Sigh.

Who knew that taping tires to mark the point of reference could be so exciting? But y'all? It really was!

A close up of Jimmie's pit.

The view from the top of Pit Road.

Sumo and Billy Ray loiter near Reutimann's car.

We paused for some of the gorgeous Racing Rock Star's hospitality.

Back to the garages where I once again found myself RIGHT UP NEXT CLOSE TO the #48. The car which actually WON.

The Kaiser in a totally classic Kaiser pose.

My first ever attempt at Cornhole. Solo natch. Cuz I didn't want anyone to see me miss the hole. Like everytime.

The view from the top of the BHR bus at night.

Racing at night is simply lovely.

Me - looking cute but cold on top of the bus.

Me - managing not to fall over the side of the bus.

Y'all have no idea just how close to Turn 3 we actually were. We were THIS close. It rocked.

Final lap before they dropped the flag...

A close up of the winning car...

Billy Ray pokes his face into this photo of Me and The Kaiser. Y'all have no idea how cold I was.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


harmzie said...

[giggle] I still can't read "cornhole" with a straight face! [am 12]

Looks like a blast!