Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Am Not Afraid To Talk To Celebrities

So it's not like Richard Childress and I are TOTAL strangers. We spoke on the phone. Once. And I am very good friends with his business partner. And it was The Partner who suggested - nay who ENCOURAGED me to find Richard while I was at the race on Saturday.

Me: Seriously?

The Partner: Absolutely.

Me: He won't know me from Adam.

The Partner: He'll be delighted.

Me: Ok. (Because apparently I need my head examined or something.)

Anyways, The Partner told me that Richard was usually down in the garages pre-race and to just "hunt him down" and "find him." Frankly I was a wee bit skeptical but by the time we made it down to the garages I was feeling rather bold and so I asked someone working on Kevin Harvick's car if Richard was around. Mind you - I didn't ask like some crazed race fan and I made sure to drop The Partner's name at least 3 times and actually he was pretty nice about the whole thing and said that he hadn't seen Richard that day but it was hit or miss with him and that if I wanted to catch him I should just loiter between the Cheerios hauler and the Shell Penzoil hauler.

Well, I had better things to do than loiter so I decided it wasn't meant to be.

We returned to the garages a few hours later and once again feeling bold and empowered, I asked the first person I found wearing RCR gear if Richard was around as I was friends with The Partner and The Partner had instructed me to find Richard. I got the same answer: Haven't seen him. He's hit or miss. Hang out - you're bound to spot him.

Being the rebel that I am, I decided to wander. And so it was that we found ourselves back on Pit Road. And so it was that one of my race day companions noticed that Richard Childress was on some kind of stage about 100 feet away taking part in some kind of presentation. And suddenly - I WAS ON.

You know how they say that when you're in some kind of life threatening situation or imminent danger your entire body reacts and if forced to you could probably lift an 18 wheeler off of a kitten? So it is when you are faced with the opportunity to accost meet a racing legend and you have exactly 0.02 seconds to get his attention.

I watched people depart the stage one by one. I positioned myself near the ropes that cordoned off the legends from the crazy race fans. Not that I was a crazy race fan. Nope. Was not. I had been instructed to find Richard and introduce myself. In person. Cuz after all - we were kind of old phone chums. So I totally deserved to be where I was.

And then there he was. The man in black. Surrounded by his entourage. Heading off the stage and walking my way. And for the record - there were die hard fans. People who wanted an autograph and stuff. But I prevailed. I did. Because here's what happened:

(It's like we're old friends. I think he remembered our phone conversation.)

Can you HEAR me in these pictures darling readers? Can you HEAR ME NOT SHUT UP? So yeah - I basically blathered on INANELY AND INCESSANTLY for like 90 seconds and really I have no idea what I said other than that I dropped The Partner's name 1800 times and I blamed HIM for making me accost introduce myself to Richard so brazenly and then I may have said something about how fabulous the winery is and how much I love the wines and how much fun I have when I go there and all the while Richard is just rolling along, signing autographs, smiling, being delightfully good natured and eventually, posing for this photo with me:

So yeah. I am totally not afraid to talk to celebrities. Put me in a room with George Clooney any day. I can handle it.

And if that ain't just the most kick ass story ever, I'll kiss your...

PS A BIG thank you to The Kaiser for once in his life getting something right and for doing such a kick ass job of photo-documenting my lovefest with Richard. Smooches Sugar!


Shelly Overlook said...

This is so hilarious! Did you get invited over for the holidays?

Nancy said...

Lordy! As I rolled through the pictures I thought "she hasn't shut up yet!"
Great pictures and I bet he got a good chuckle out of your enthusiasm.
More like did YOU invite HIM over for the holidays while you were jabbering?