Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Germans Got SOMETHING Right

So the Germans got SOMETHING right and by something I mean Oktoberfest because what is better than a holiday that celebrates beer and pork products? Um...NOTHING.

And for the record - I've been to the real Oktoberfest. When I was in college and spent a semester abroad in Italy a bunch of us hopped on a train one random Friday in October and made the 9-hour trip to Munich and we detrained and the first thing I did was drink a beer and then I grabbed my boyfriend and wandered around Munich until I actually found a hotel room because everyone else was all: "I'm gonna stay up all night drinking" or "I'm gonna crash at a hostel" and I was all: "I'm gonna find a hotel room if it KILLS me" and I did to the tune of $400+/night and I totally pulled out the Amex mom and dad had given me "in case of emergency" because Holy Hell y'all - I think that being stranded in Munich sans bed totally qualified as an emergency - don't you?

And for the record - on another one of our little trips my boyfriend tried to cheat the system and mooch an extra day off his Eurorail pass and we totally got kicked off the train going from Barcelona to Dijon and FYI I TOTALLY SPENT THE NIGHT SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR OF A TRAIN STATION SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE which I guess was better than getting thrown in jail although really - are Eurorail crimes prison-worthy? So yeah - I threw that in there to clear up the whole *princess* myth. Although really - is it a myth? I mean - I may be a Country Girl but I am also on occasion a princess and I think it's this delightful dichotomy that makes me so damn loveable. Do you agree darling readers?

What's my point? Oktoberfest is AWESOME and on Sunday Lilsaej, Bobo, Sumo and the Kaiser and I all headed up to Hickory to indulge in pork products and beer.

One beer in.

I am beginning to believe that there is some connection between beer and lederhosen i.e. you must consume an assload of beer in order to actually want to wear lederhosen or you must consume an assload of beer to find lederhosen sexy. Either or.

Lilsaej is sad because her beer is empty. I'd be sad too.

This is a brilliant photo technique that Bobo discovered: cut off at the chin and therefore you AVOID the double chin thing altogether. Brilliant Bobo - just brilliant.

The Kaiser in his natural state. I know - it's scary.

Awww....the happy couple.

I heart Sumo in the biggest way. And oh yeah BTW....Happy Birthday Sugar!

So clearly this was more than 1 beer in....

And this was also the point where I forgot I had my camera and you are so glad because pork products and beer on a Sunday can lead to some wild and crazy shit German peeps for creating a total awesome holiday!

Und wenn dieses ain' t-Land, I' Ihr ll Kuss…


Shelly Overlook said...

I am definitely going to employ the Bobo technique of removing double chin-ed-ness. Genius!

AndreAnna said...

My father was born and raised in Germany (like it's hard to figure that out by my Helga-esque bbody, blond hair, and green eyes).

My sole goal in life is to return o The Motherland for Oktoberfest.

Though, your party sounds almost as much fun. I want to come visit for your next festival!

Karen from Mentor said...

Two things:

1)I'm confused...which two were the happy couple?

2)Is this term in the new urban dictionary?

"an assload of beer"


Haley-O said...

That looks like FUN! (I, of course, could do without the pork, though!) Great pics!! You're ADORABLE! :)