Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fulfilling My Catholic Schoolgirl Fantasies

I am not a Catholic schoolgirl. Hell - I'm not even Catholic. But there is something about a uniform that I find exceptionally comforting. Also - I have a thing for plaid miniskirts.

But plaid miniskirt obsessions aside, I really do love uniforms and I am the type of girl to walk into a store, find a sweater/dress/skirt/shirt I like and buy 2, 3 or sometimes 4 in different colors/patterns. Two summers ago I found an awesome cotton prairie skirt at The Gap. I bought in bright blue, bright orange, and black. I wore it with assorted colors of the perfect fitted Bella scoopneck tee acquired in bulk from a wholesale distributor. Footwear tended to be Jack Rogers - either in silver or turquoise. All. Summer. Long. This is what I wore.

Last winter I found the perfect off the shoulder sweater at Wal-Mart. I got 3: black, grey and pink. I rotated through them most of the winter (paired with jeans and boots), occasionally interspersing them with my awesome royal purple cashmere cable-knit crewneck picked up at the J. Crew outlet.

If I find a t-shirt I like, you can be sure that I will buy 3 or 4 at a time because let's face it: 1) you can never have too many t-shirts 2) they eventually get stained, torn or stretched out 3) you can never have too many t-shirts and 4) you can never have too many t-shirts. In fact, I just picked up 3 perfect long sleeve tees at Old Navy the other week (one in the most delightful shade of pink - OMG I am obsessed). I would have got more but I am on a budget.

In general, I have seasonal uniforms. In the spring and summer you are apt to find me in sundresses and pretty floral skirts, bare legs and open toed shoes or sandals. In fact, my friend Pixie once asked me if I owned jeans. Do I own them? Hell honey - I live in them 6 months of the year (for the record: Pixie has a year round uniform of jeans, t-shirts and flip flops and in fact - I have never seen her in a skirt or dress except during Halloween).

My uniform these days seems to be either black leggings, jeans, or cords - which OMG - I actually prefer cords to jeans. Only - I can never find cords I like and that fit well. And if I do, they are generally overpriced (Ahem J. Crew) not to mention I usually buy them in idiotic colors like magenta or rust and then I wake up 3 days later and I'm like: why don't I own cords in normal neutral colors like black, chocolate brown, olive green, khaki, and/or stone? Seriously - what the hell was I thinking buying magenta cords?

Anyways - my trip to Old Navy on Saturday was actually pretty sweet because in addition to the amazing, perfect, slightly overpriced long sleeve tees, I scored 2 pairs of awesome Sweetheart cords which are stretchy and feel good and oh yeah are normal colors (charcoal and chocolate) and are long enough to wear with boots but if I get lazy and decide to wear with sneakers no one will know i.e. I don't have to hem them and oh yeah- does anyone else have this problem? Seriously - length of pants leg can be such a challenge when your footwear ranges from flat to 3-inch heel only I can't bring myself to have "flat pants" and "heel pants" so I just kind of flub it somewhere in the middle and I am sure somewhere someone is rolling over in their grave (who I have no idea but someone is) but I just say aw fuck it.

Where was I?

My uniform. These days it consists of leggings or cords, t-shirts and these awesome fitted, Western-style, plaid flannel shirts I found at Target and of which I purchased 3. Actually - I purchased 4 but then returned one. But then I bought a non-flannel, still fitted, Western-Style, plaid shirt at Old Navy so it was kind of a wash. And I am thinking about ordering 1 more online only...well...that seems excessive.

To top it all off I can generally be found bundled in my favorite grey wool wrap sweater (purchased at Old Navy last year during a post-Christmas sale and which I had actually been coveting for months and which I actually got for like 80% off and which I actually wear like all of the time so it falls in the category of REALLY GOOD PURCHASE) and my cheap black Target scarf knotted around my neck like I am a finalist for American Idol fighting off a case of laryngitis or something.

And boots. Or sneakers. Because my fuzzy clogs are gross. But I was thinking today I really need new fuzzy clogs. Or Merrills. Or something flat and lined in fleece that will keep my feet warm because I am perpetually cold.

So darling readers - do you have an adult uniform that gives you comfort?

PS This entire post was written under the influence of Dextromethorphan and Phenylephrine HCl.

PPS I lied. While truthfully I am fighting off a cold, I am not currently on cold medicine other than homemade vegetable soup and Diet Ginger Ale so really I have no excuse for the semi-crazy, rambling nature of this post other than I myself am semi-crazy. Clearly.


Karen said...

Pa-lease do not complain about pant lengths and the fact that you are offered many, many choices by manufacturers (and therefore can have a variety of shoes and fashion options), while those of us with 36+" inseams are forced to either: 1)always wear flats, or 2) be ridiculed for wearing high waters. And yes, while there are tall pants and even extra-tall pants (with crouches down to my knees - try walking in them), we tall creatures are only offered basic black or an occasional brown for color choices. I would die for an extra-tall pair of magenta cords so I could rotate wearing my collection of 4" heels. Rougeneck, you don't know how lucky you are! :)

Karen (me again) said...

And honey, I wore those cute plaid uniform skirts my entire childhood. Living in artic Ohio, they were much of a fantasy. I would have preferred your magenta cords (even if they were high waters on these gams).

kyooty said...

I love my Black Jeans, if I could stop eating apple everything, they'd fit better and I'd be even happier.

debb said...

I find that since I can only wear sneakers due to a horrible foot problem my clothing options are limited.

Today, it is so cold/windy, even the sneakers aren't a help. I'm thinking of looking into z-coils, I hear they are wonderful.

I usually wear some sort of dress pant and top or nice v-neck if I can get away with it. My dress code at work is business casual.

Hello? It's a school not a law office, oh well.

I am starting to pick up some dressier tops, and just got a gorgeous suit that was $98 on sale for $12--Score!

Have a great day! BTW loved it when the kids had uniforms at school, so much less headache--specially cause the girl is so picky. Just got her cords in 3 colors --chocolate, purple, teal, and matching tee's she loves them. Finally something she will wear and not "lose" in the laundry.

harmzie said...

"Catholic School-Girl Fantasy"? If you didn't before, you are so getting European p0rn-surfers.

My uniform is pretty much the entire Jacob store, because (a) I like their clothes (b) they're one of the only stores that carry clothes in my size (c) you can buy suits with different sized pieces (my bottoms tend to be smaller than my tops). Usually, I find myself in black & white, or some combination of the two (sometimes white & black). If I'm feeling *crazy* I'll branch out into the beige/browns!

I will also buy several of a style (mostly shirts, but some pants too) that I like the fit/look of.

AndreAnna said...

On work days, I'm a NY&Co walking add. Black slacks, blouse, sometimes a jacket, boots.

On home days, I'm in yoda pants, tank tops, and sweat jacket hoodies. ( I know, SEXAY)

Out? Jeans, boots, and a sweater.

Let's hear it for cooler weather!

So yes, I have a uniform too. It just differs on who I'm playing that day - Editor, Momma, or Just Me

Nancy said...

I wore a catholic school uniform for 8 years. Try heading into high school with no clothes and no idea of fashion - it sucks.
I live in jeans and the "old" Old Navy t-shirts in the colder months. By old I mean the t-shirts that actually had some fabric to them - they're thicker and more pleasing to me than the current ones they sell that are so thin you can read the newspaper through them.
I have about five pairs of Levis jeans - 550, and 515 that I alternate. All size 6 short but all are different lengths Go figure. One pair I can only wear with flatter shoes, all the others should be worn with heels but that's hard when I'm walking back and forth in a cafeteria so the hems drag a little sometimes.
I love the summer because then I can rotate between 3 skirts and a couple of summer dresses.

Karen from Mentor said...

I just want to say that although I'm also 36" inseam and live in Ohio the Karen that posted wasn't me..... I checked....nope...not me...

[I was worried for a minute that I was on cough medicine]

I love jeans and a fitted deep v long sleeved tee shirt from old navy.[purple or green]

Wear that a lot.