Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Things I Learned This Weekend

1) There is a time and a place for Waffle House. Generally, after 1am.

2) When at Waffle House, always opt for the cheesey hash browns. Always.

3) Beer tastes better when you are on a lake.

4) If you are out on a boat on a lake drinking beer, apparently the only reason to get in the lake is to pee. Really. There's no cooling off. There's no swimming. The lake is basically a giant toilet.

5) Unless you are me and have "issues" in which case you make everyone ride with you to the marina because you require porcelain under your ass.

6) Attempts at being "healthy" by buying Baked Doritos are pretty much shot to Hell if you eat the entire bag. Also - if you chase it with an entire bag of Cheetos.

7) Lilsaej and I are "trouble" and from now on will be known as T1 and T2.

8) Speaking of Trouble...it's an aggravating game. That said, Lilsaej and I totally won.

9) You can be sure that Lilsaej and I will always drink exactly the full amount of Michelob Ultra packed in our cooler.

10) Under extreme duress, I actually can pee in a lake.

11) Tomato pie is not really pie but it's damn fucking good.

12) There's no such thing as a brownie that is too chocolatey.

13) You can never have too many koozies.

14) Frogmore stew does not really contain frogs.

15) I don't have to do it all myself and that's okay.

16) As much as I love my girls, some times it's fun to be one of the boys.

17) NASCAR is less entertaining if there's no chance that the #48 will win.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Shelly Overlook said...

#17 is totally true.

I have the worst problem peeing while in a body of water. I get the worst pee stage fright and I feel as if a gigantic neon cloud is going to surround me, announcing to all persons within a 3 mile radius "SHE IS PEEING IN THE WATER."

Karen from Mentor said...

10) Under extreme duress, I actually can pee in a lake.

I did NOT need to know this [giggling]

13) You can never have too many koozies.

does one GET koozies from peeing in the lake?


kyooty said...

but less pee means more swimmers!! the ocean works better.

Nenette AM said...

Ditto to #12, #15, #16! Glad you had an awesome weekend, my dear :)