Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Because It's The South

I have been meaning to pay Iris and Don, my neighbors to the right, a visit for some time now. I don't think I have seen them since my birthday when Iris dropped by with a vase of fresh flowers from her garden. A combination of my hectic travels and the fact that I don't like to show up empty-handed have kept me away, but after baking the world's most delicious lemoon cheesecake on Sunday for a dinner last night, I figured I'd stroll over there today with some leftovers and say hi.

Of course, the first problem was that last night as I was getting ready to make my happy accident twice baked potatoes, I discovered that I had no potato masher and the fork I was using was not doing a good job. Seriously. No potato masher. File in Twitter under #utensilfail. WTF? Who doesn't have a potato masher besides me? Anyways, I didn't have time to run to Wal-Mart so I did the next best thing: I ran to Iris. I felt like a shithead because here I haven't seen my neighbor in over a month and instead of going to see her to say hi and bearing baked goods, I show up near breathless on her doorstep asking for a potato masher. Of course, Iris is awesome and she took the whole thing in stride and she gave me my choice of potato mashers and she totally saved the day.

I made up for it this morning when I returned bearing the potato masher, the vase and a giant wedge of fantasticredible lemon cheesecake. And while I had planned to stay and chat with Iris for a spell, I was delightfully surprised when she asked if I would join her in a slice of early morning cheesecake and I was like: Hell Yeah. You don't have to ask me twice. And so we had slivers of lemon cheesecake (the breakfast of champions BTW) and chatted about her and Don's upcoming road trip cross country to California and it was generally awesome and this is why I freaking LOVE small town life.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Shelly Overlook said...

The start to a fabulous day.

kyooty said...

what an excellent protien rich breakfast and chat :)