Monday, August 17, 2009

Why I Love The Internetwebosphere: Part Trois

Sigh. I can't believe that I am actually up to a 3rd installment in this most wonderful series of why the internetwebosphere rocks my world. Hard to believe. Anyways - today we are going to play the "What If" game. I am sure you have played this 1000 times before but in case you haven't, it goes like this: You basically examine a choice you have made in your life and then you look at the outcome and wonder about what would have had happened had you made a totally different choice. For example:

What if...I hadn't gotten in line at the grocery store behind the only woman in today's universe who still writes checks AND who needs 2 cartons of obscure cigarettes which are located on the OTHER SIDE OF THE STORE?

There's no right or wrong answer per se. It's all strictly hypothetical because totally DID get in line behind the only woman in today's universe who still writes checks AND she totally did buy 2 cartons of obscure cigarettes and the shitty fact of the matter is yes - they were located on the OTHER SIDE OF THE STORE. So suck it up princess. Suck it up. That's 8 minutes of your life you're never going to get back.

Ok - I realize I sound cranky. I am not. Trust me. And today's version of What If is way happier than my example. So...on to it....

What if...Dr. Diva had not gotten her vascular fellowship in NYC?

And what if...I hadn't gone to see her in March beginning a 3-month period of visits to say goodbye?

And what if...we hadn't gone to the Carborro Farmer's Market to stock up on Celebrity Dairy Goat Cheese and other yummy goodness?

And what if...we had decided to go out to dinner at Bin 54 or Lantern instead of taking The Celebrity Dairy Goat Cheese and all the other yummy goodies to her parents' house in the wood to cook a scrumptious feast?

And what if...she had grabbed the Elevation 1448 instead of the Gundlach Bundschu 2005 Rhinefarm Pinot Noir?

And what if...OMG I didn't develop a major obsession serious love of Gun Bun after the first glass?

And what if...Duke hadn't beaten Texas that night?

And what if...I hadn't blogged about the whole thing?

And what if...Susan Sueiro, the awesome and gorgeous and insanely brilliant Director of Marketing and PR for Gun Bun did not have Google Alerts?

And what if...Susan wasn't also a Blue Devil?

And what if...Susan hadn't commented on my blog?

And what if...Susan and I didn't start up an email exchange?

And what if...Susan didn't actually read and enjoy If That Ain't Country?

And what if...I hadn't been working on a benefit for the LCHA that required wine?

And what if...Susan hadn't put me in touch with Tommy Howard, the National Sales Director for Gun Bun?

And what if...Tommy had not agreed to generously donate wine for our event?

And what if...Tommy hadn't come to NC shortly thereafter?

And what if...I didn't have the good fortune to make it to a Gun Bun wine tasting while he was in town?

And what if...I hadn't sampled not only the pinot noir (again) but 6 other insanely delicious and fabulous Gun Bun wines?

And what if...I hadn't become a fan of Gun Bun on Facebook?

And what if...Susan and I didn't become friends on Facebook?

And what if...Susan and I didn't actually become friends?

And what if...Susan didn't start contributing to Blogschu, thereby giving me an additional forum to extend our internetwebosphere love affair?

And what if...I didn't take every occasion possible to shamelessly pimp and promote this vineyard which I am mildly obsessed with I clearly love?

And what if...Susan weren't an Awesome Rockstar Princess sending me Gun Bun love via UPS?


Well...then I wouldn't have a fucking blog post today. That's what.

And if that ain't a perfect example of why the Internetwebosphere is so totally awesome, I'll kiss your...


Gundlach Bundschu said...

aw, now I've gone all misty over my morning coffee. Thanks srp, you're a love.

I prefer the forward-looking version of the 'what if' game, so ask yourself this - 'what if I go ahead and take my first-ever trip to wine country?' and I promise you the answer will exceed your expectations.

xo, susan

harmzie said...

I feel the same way (all your "what ifs") about your pop. I gots him and then I gots you!