Monday, August 10, 2009

Keeps Getting Better

It's my birthday this week. And while I don't normally get contemplative about my birthday, this year I have been giving getting older some serious thought.

Alot of people fear getting older, but not me. When I turned 30, I had never been in a better place physically, emotionally, and spiritually and I wanted to shout from the rooftops: Hey World. Look at Me. 30 and FABULOUS!!!

See how fabulous I was at 30?

Well, if my mantra at 30 was Country Girl: 30 and Fabulous my mantra at 34 is Country Girl: Keeps Getting Better. Seriously - whoever said that men age like fine wine and women just age was full of crap! I have never been stronger, more self-assured, more confident, and more independent. I have never been in better physical shape (Hello size 1 skinny jeans!) and I have never been better professionally. I have never felt more loved and cared about than I do these days and I think - no I know - that it's a reflection on how I feel about myself. Which is Amazing. Incredible. Fantastic. Awesome.

So yeah. I am turning 34 this week. What of it?

Yep. No doubt about it. I just keep getting better.


Shelly Overlook said...

Happy Birthday Week! You look fabulous!

Nancy said...

Have a fabulous birthday week! You look great at any age.

Karen from Mentor said...

Love the new haircut.

You look awesome...inside and out.

(not that I personally know what the inside of you looks like...but I did see inside of your ripped up knee, and I've seen inside of your head though your writing...and well, there were those dental xrays that your other stalker stole and mailed to that...not like in a sexual way or anything...[laughing])

more coffee, I need more coffee.

Happy birthday week honey girl!

Eat some cake for me...preferably chocolate with really rich icing and maybe a little pink rose...

Big Birthday Hugs!!!!
Karen :0)

AndreAnna said...

Rock on with your bad ass self!

You're awesome

Happy Birthday!

(Added to the List of Things to Drink To)

Nenette AM said...

I hope your birthday this week is sweet and super-luscious. :) We love ya!

kyooty said...

Happy Birthday, I had fun at 34, 34 was good. :) My sister is turning 30 tomorrow.

harmzie said...

You are stunning. You look just as fabulous at 34 as the 30 pic (they could have, for all I know, been taken on the same day), with just a *tweak* more introspective. ous. ness. ity. And I'm actually no good at reading body language. Or consummating adjectives.

I'll join AndreAnna in a drink to-est thou. est. forsooth.

Susan Sueiro said...

Happy Birthday! Being the same age as your Leroy Montrachet (which I fully hope you'll open when I visit you someday) all I can say is yeah, I felt that way for 34 too. Savor it. Have a fantastic day, hopefully separated from the blackberry for most of it.

mdvelazquez said...

You are quite fabulous.

Have a wonderful birthday!

My word verification is frolyric. :-)