Thursday, August 13, 2009

From Carbophobe to Carboload

I figure that since October 2003 I have lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 - 50 pounds. The reason I am not 100% sure exactly how much is because when I was at my peak weight, I did not have a scale. I simply wasn't interested in knowing how fat I was. So I am not entirely sure how much I weighed. But I have a rough sense of what it was and so yeah, 40 - 50 pounds in nearly 6 years.

The first 30 - 35 pounds came off over the course of 18 months thanks to Dr. Atkins. Which means that on the off chance that you and I should go out to dinner some time, and the waiter should approach the table with a big basket of bread and offer it to us, chances are I will decline. Unless 1) I am utterly ravenous or 2) the bread is really, really, really good. You see, I am a recovering carbophobe.

For so long, I learned to live without potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, sugar and starch that it became a way of life. And even after the weight loss was achieved and maintained for quite some time, I still tended to avoid carbs on a regular basis. Except wine. I never really gave up wine.

But all that's changed since I started training for a half-marathon. It's hard to run 7.5 miles on a salad or some chicken and sauteed veggies. Your body requires fuel. Carbohydrates are fuel so I've basically gone from carbophobe to carboload.

It means that my new Friday night ritual is a big plate of pasta (these days mixed with fresh veggies poached from Iris's garden), a glass of wine, and early to bed so I can be rested and relaxed for Saturday morning's endurance runs.

It means that when I find myself at Starbucks in the middle of the day and I know I have a run that night, I'll opt for the new Strawberry Banana Vivanno Smoothie instead of a non-fat, sugar-free vanilla, iced decaf latte (I know - most high maintenance drink ever).

It means that the last 2 times I went out for Asian food, I actually ate the rice. Brown - of course. But I skipped the pancakes on the Moo Shu.

It means that next time I am at a conference and I am faced with the starchy, sugary, fatty breakfast spread from Hell, I will grab a plain bagel and not wince in terror. Seriously. Because apparently, bagels - even plain white ones - have 10 grams of protein and in general have a good carb-to-protein ratio. Trust me. Google it. I did not believe this either and Iron Man and I had a huge fight about it because I had been taught that white bread was the enemy and that bagels in general were 800 empty calories. Not so. Imagine - a low country redneck schooling a NYC Jew on bagels!

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


AndreAnna said...

Funny, as I read this I am eating a bagel, which I NEVER do. Or white bread.

It's the devil.

At least that's what I've conditioned myself to think.

But I'm getting mouth work done today (hopefully) to fix a bad root canal and know I won't be eating probably until dinner and a bagel will get me through that.

It was hard to get it down though, despite all it's spinach pesto toastedy goodness because it's a mental block.

Bagels are the debbil, Bobby Boucher!

Nancy said...

Congratulations on that weight loss and thanks for the information on the carbs and bagels! I never knew bagels were good for me. Now I will NOT feel guilty about the DD cinamon raisin bagels I can't resist - only the cream cheese.

Jen said...

Congrats on the weightloss - it is a hard, hard thing to do and even harder to maintain. Kudos!

Balance is good.

Karen from Mentor said...

would have never in a million years guessed that weight was EVER an issue for you. You're so very gorgeous.

try plain oatmeal with fresh blueberries for breakfast. good protein and it sticks with you.

run baby run.