Friday, August 21, 2009

Feed Me Fridays: Julie and Julia

There has been deafening buzz for Julie and Julia around these parts for some time. I think I may have started it with this post. Then there was the long email thread on Facebook about a GNO to see the movie and all the build up waiting to see when and where it would be released and OMG how did we coordinate 8 busy schedules so that no one was left out?

And then there was the idea for the dinner party. Yes once again, the incomparable Miss Mary showed us why she is simply so incomparable. It started with the email thread: Me, Mary and KB (usual partners in crime) plus The Actress - someone Miss Mary had been wanting me to meet for a while as we both had NY stories to share. Mary proposed 2 different menus - both 100% authentic Julia - and we all voted. And then once the menu had been agreed upon, we were each assigned 1 - 2 courses to contribute. Mary asked me to make the gougeres (aka cheese puffs) and the salad, to be served European-style after the entree as a palette cleanser.

Next came the books: copies of Julie and Julia for us to read - ideally before the soiree although I did not have time.

Then came the mailed invitation, because as I like to hashtag when I Tweet about Miss Mary: #nofliesonher.

Then finally, last Saturday night, was the dinner party. To say it was exquisite is an understatement. To say it was delicious doesn't do it justice. To say it was divine...well, now we're getting close.

So Miss Mary hired a professional photographer to take our portrait while we sipped Gosset Brut and nibbled on Petits Choux au Fromage. Here we are all toasting the legendary Julia Child. When Miss Mary sent this to me Sunday morning, I couldn't stop looking at it because it just made me so happy. Stunning. Simply stunning.
[This photo copyrighted by Ron McCann,]

Look at this gorgeous table. LOOK! Do you see how neatly pressed and polished everything is? Do you see the flowers? DO YOU? OMG - INSANE. AMAZING. WONDERFUL. So So So Pretty.

Pre-printed menu cards. At a dinner party. File in Twitter under #nofliesonher. Seriously - my use of the word incomparable will be frequent in this post.
[This photo copyrighted by Ron McCann,]

The actual menu. You might gain 20 pounds just reading it. I gained 25 eating it. And you know what? Worth every pound!

Petits Choux aux Fromage fresh from the oven. Perfect with a glass of Gosset Brut!

The Actress's ridiculously delicious Coquilles St. Jacques. Also known as scallops and mushrooms bound together with an insane amount of cheesy, creamy yumminiess.
[This photo copyrighted by Ron McCann,]

Filet de Boeuf Braise Prince Albert. Sounds fancy. Is fancy. Is also INSANELY DELISH!

Filet de Boeuf Braise Prince Albert in action.

Simple Sauteed Pommes de Terre. Who's a carbophobe? Um - NOT ME.

It's ok for veggies to be crispy-crunchy. The Italians call it al dente. Thank you Mary for NOT killing the asparagus. I thought they were perfect.

Voila - dinner is served!

A salad without cheese, croutons and ranch dressing? Served in NC? WHAT? Post-dinner palette cleanser with some butter lettuce, baby arugula, shallot, pear and a light non-vinegary vinaigrette.

KB's PHENOMENAL Reine de Saba. Yes - you are jealous. And with good right too.

A little goes a long way - although that didn't stop me from totalling picking at crumbs (and basically eating an entire second piece) while doing the dishes.

Well - I had to show off my sparkly, silver skirt - didn't I? I mean - it's not exactly like I get to bust this bad boy out often.

So yeah - you can see just how amazing, wonderful and fantasticredible the evening was. And sorry kids - today's Feed Me Friday is all about the food porn. If you want recipes, buy the book!

Et si ce n'est pas une tranche de ciel gastronome, j'embrasserai le votre…


AndreAnna said...

I KNEW we are friends for a reason!

So jealous. Looks lovely.

mdvelazquez said...

I think I gained 25 lbs. reading that.

You look lovely in your sparkly skirt.

In general, I love salad dressing. Love! Would you care to share more details on the the dressing you used here. Confession, I cannot seem to acquire a taste for Ranch dressing.

Nancy said...

The food looks fabulous! It sounds like it was fun. I do enjoy planning and cooking but have to be in the right mood because I'm so messy when I cook.

Shelly Overlook said...

I'm drooling.

What a beautiful meal. I think the sparkly skirt was perfectly suited for the occasion.

kyooty said...

I'm so out of that league

Karen from Mentor said...

What awesome food porn.

I actually gasped at the cake lol

You looked marvelous in your sparkly skirt.

Does it twirl if you spin?

Now I'm STARVING....good thing it's dinner time.


harmzie said...

mmm mmm mmm! I should not have read/viewed that on an empty stomach. Food porn, no doubt.

Max has mastered the Asian/Indian & Tex/Mex end of things in our home. I think we need a French epicurean. I'm either going to have to learn, or practice batting my eyelashes better...

(seriously: you come here - bbq'd tender-crisp asparagus with just-so charring & coarse salt, you betcha. Yikes. I really have to go and do something about this empty stomach thing now)