Tuesday, August 18, 2009

#10 - 611

I was tagged for a picture post by my fellow NASCAR-watching, #48-rooting, Nathan Fillion-craving, Graeter's-loving, We-Might-Be-Twins-Separated-At-Birth-Except-for-the-Whole-I-Don't-Like-Coconut-Thing Blogging Babe Shelly. I mean - the woman understands Italian food:

When my hubby and I first started dating, he asked if there was a good Italian restaurant in my n'hood. He was new in town, new to me, and told me later he was suddenly fearful I'd answer "Fazoli's". That became our running joke, that when one of us suggest Fazolis for dinner, that meant a break up talk was coming, b/c anyone who thinks that Fazolis is real Italian food isn't worth dating.
So yeah - Shelly is totally awesome and if you aren't reading her blog we can't be friends. Not even on Twitter.

And seriously y'all, I confess...I still get all tickled when I get tagged by fellow bloggers because OMG...it reminds me that my wee little blog is growing up! So thanks for the blog love Shelly! See you at the next Jimmie Johnson Fan Club Get Together!

As for the post - some simple rules:

-Open your first photo folder.
-Scroll down to the 10th photo.
-Post that photo and story on your blog.
-Tag five others (or more) friends to do the same.

We were brought together by geography mainly. Seven of us lived on North Campus. That and fake IDs I suppose because whoever I didn't meet at one of those infamous Trent Cafe Sunday brunches, I met at The Hideaway. Or an off-campus Delt party. I still remember sitting at Waffle House with Collins and Meg after that very first Thursday night Delt party. I think Collins was picking at a dry waffle while I inhaled some combination of eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, hashbrowns and toast. At the time, we were simply a group of freshmen girls, running in the same circles, possibly in a wee bit over our heads. Little did I know that these women would change my life.

It took almost 3 full years for our little group to coalesce. Oh - we all hung out and went to the same parties and had dinners together and whatnot, but believe it or not, Dr. Diva did not officially become one of US until second semester Junior Year. Blame me. I take full responsibility. I was judgy. I think it was something about the knee length denim skirt, the big white socks, the Cole Hahn loafers and the turquoise jewelry that turned me off. My inner-NYC-bitch just could not wrap my expensively coiffed head around Dr. Diva's earlier incarnation as Little Miss Texas. And had Miss Britt not decided to take an extra semester in Rome Junior Year, and had Dr. Diva not moved in with Jima, well - then she and I wouldn't be friends. And anyone who reads my blog, knows just how special Dr. Diva is to me and how much I love her. I mean - the girl joined Twitter to keep me company (and occasionally keep me sane). Now that's love!

Senior year we all moved in together. This was no small accomplishment for 2 reasons:

1) I lived with Collins and Meg second semester junior year. It was all fine and dandy until one day I went totally bitchcakes on them (I think I had just quit smoking - I am not sure - but it seems like a really good excuse and I am totally standing by it) and sent an infamous email entitled: I Am Not The God-Damned Maid. It had something to do with my OCD being a neat freak and their being well...not so neat. If I recall, at one point during the day I locked them out of the house. As I said - totally bitchcakes. Meg - who wins the snark award in our group - sent a wonderfully tart reply that included some reference to the dust bunnies under the bed getting me. Sadly - we have no record of either email - at least not that I am aware of. But I have lots of other emails saved. Thirteen years worth to be exact. So yeah - despite my temporary moment of crazy, Meg and Collins and I remained friends. And roommates.

2) The other minor issue was that 7 of the 8 of us were all in the same sorority. Guess who wasn't? Yep. Me. And guess who had some issues with that? Yep. Me again. (See line in this post where I reference being in a wee bit over my head as a freshman...sigh...)

Despite all of that, August 1996 saw the 8 of us moving into a house together. The house was located at 611 Watts Street. Since that day, we are simply known as 611.

The stories I could tell you about 611 would fill up 1000 blog posts and to choose among them is impossible. But it's not really about the stories. It's about friendships that endure through time.

Two years ago, someone told me that I would not be friends with these women for much longer. This person told me that life would get the better of us and between marriage and kids and jobs and distance we would eventually fall out of touch. I wanted to smack this person silly when they said this because OMG we had already been friends for over a decade and OH YEAH - Many of us were already married, had kids, had careers, had lives, had responsibilities, and lived on entirely separate continents. It hadn't stopped us so far and I didn't see any reason why it would stop us going forward. And you know what? It hasn't.

So yes - our days of Flaky Friday emails (remember those girls?) are long over. We don't speak daily. We don't even email daily. It might be months between conversations but when we connect, it's as if nothing has changed. That's the power of friendships that endure. That's the power of sisterhood. That's why these women will be in my life. ALWAYS.

I am very fortunate that I love my family. I totally lucked out in the parents and sibling department. That said, this quote from Richard Bach truly express how I feel about 611:

"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof."
So yeah. These women? They are my family as much as anyone who shares my DNA. And despite their own lives to deal with - their own children, families, jobs, headaches, woes, issues, and general personal dramas - when I need them, they are there. Always. Without question. Without fail. Without judgement. And I, in turn, am there for them.

They cheer me on. They lend me their shoulders. They make me laugh. They let me cry. They hold my hand. They hug me tight. They give. They share. They love.

These women? These women are amazing:

This photo was snapped on May 2nd, 2009. It was the first time the 8 of us had all been together in nearly 3 years and it was an exceptionally special weekend. I think the smiles say it all.

So to Jima, Colly, Dr. Diva, Collins, Miss Britt, Meg and Annie - I love y'all so very, very much and I would be lost without you.

Ok - now that I've gone all sentimental and sappy on your asses (and believe me when I say - I could have blathered on for another 20 paragraphs about how awesome these women are and how much I love them and BTW see the "posts that get away from me" label because clearly, this one has. Sigh.) I need to tag 5 other bloggers to play this game:

* The deliciously dry-humored (dry like a martini dry not like dry skin dry), power-graphing Harmzie

* The sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy, always awesometastic, and totally HOT Nen

* The totally rockin', 50 mm f/1.8 lens wielding, cookie-baking, wine-drinking, might-be-my-other-twin-separated-at-birth Modern Matriarch

* Karen: Bestower of tiaras, never ending witty comments and 36 PT hugs via email. We just have to get her over her fear of Twitter.

* My blogging consigliere, Beth Fish

And if that ain't what friends are for, I'll totally kiss your...


Karen from Mentor said...

I loved this post and the idea behind it.
Thanks for tagging me.
Can't guarantee I'll do it though, I'll have to look at what photo crops up first. LOL.

Can I cheat?

Vader is trying to get you to get me to come to the dark side again.
Will he never cease? First it was Linda tempting me with Alex, then Lisa tempting me with extra eyeballs on my legs, then you tempting me with your feminine wiles.....(which almost worked by the way...I'm only human after all)
But I refuse to come to the twitterverse. And you can't make me... (sticks tongue out at you in a totally ladylike way)

Hugs and smoochies!!
Karen :0)

AndreAnna said...

Ooooh, yay, fun!!

Loved the story and the picture.

Shelly Overlook said...

That you lived with women and remained friends astounds me. I never had a good female roommate, instead had horrific experiences. You are all incredibly lucky to have one another.