Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sun-Kissed and Beer-Buzzed

So y'all - I really don't remember the last time I had a free day to do something that was totally fun and just for me. I mean between travel and the never-shrinking To Do Pile of Crap on my desk and projects around the house and this, that and the other thing, I literally can not recall the last time I took a day off and HAD FUN. Even my muffin baking spree while fun, was also work. Can you say dishes?

Anyways, a few days ago I was chatting with Lilsaej and she asked me what I was up to this weekend and I mentioned something about work and how I planned to watch the race on Sunday because Holy hell y'all - I don't think I've caught a race since Mark Martin beat out Jimmie in the final laps at Michigan over a month ago. [We interrupt this blog post to ask you a most important question: Lilsaej and I very much want to go to Bristol in August. Sadly, you can only purchase tickets for both the Friday AND Saturday night races as a combo. We don't give a crap about the Friday night race. If anyone has a lead on SATURDAY NIGHT TIX ONLY - let me know. Thanks!]

Well, since Lilsaej loves NASCAR, she suggested we get together and be girls and watch the race and have some drinks and I said yes at the time, although by the time Saturday rolled around, I was having second thoughts. Mainly because the To Do Tower on my desk was getting insanely high and was in literal danger of toppling onto my wee little head. Saturday night she sent me a message on Facebook saying that she and Bobo had been invited to T's lake house the next day and did I want to go with? She said T had TV and we could watch the race or ride one of the jet skis up to one of the bars on the lake and watch there. I didn't have the heart to tell her that the one time I drove a jet ski, I crashed it. Seriously - I got on, took off and immediately *drove* into some rocks because as someone came to rescue me, I quipped: "Oh - you mean I have to steer too?" Granted - I think I was 10. But whatever. I am still traumatized by that jet skiing incident to this day.

Anyways, Sunday dawned and seeing as I had managed to knock my To Do Tower back down into a To Do Pile, I agreed to go to T's with Lilsaej and Bobo - and you know what y'all? SO GLAD I DID. Here's what my Sunday consisted off:

* A gorgeous view
* Cold beer
* Lots of sun
* A big, comfy, fluffy beach chair
* Cold beer
* Random and assorted snacks that did not constitute a meal but which sustained me enough throughout the day including but not limited to Smartfood, Doritos, Fritos, strawberry cookies, and carrots (bless Lilsaej for thinking to pack a few "healthy" snacks)
* Being dragged around the Lake on a giant inner tube thingy which was actually tough work because you had to cling to it for dear life and then on one of our restarts (Lilsaej and I were on it together) our weight was not evenly distributed and we completely tipped over and I got soaked which was kind of a problem because I had hoped to stay quasi-dry. Yeah - ok. Whatevs.
* Being driven around the Lake on a jet ski by someone who actually knows how to operate one.
* Cold beer
* More sun
* More beer
* Another victory for the #48. Seriously - Lilsaej and I both had the same thought at the same time which was: Hello 103.7 - we can listen to The Brickyard on the radio. And we did - although it was boring for a while because Juan Pablo Montoya was in the lead for most of it and who the Hell gives a crap about him but then he had his pit road penalty and Jimmie pushed up on Martin and I swear for the last 5 laps I was jumping up and down on the deck screaming because OMG - I am such a rougeneck!
* More beer.
* More sun.

Seriously y'all? It was the most fun Sunday I've had in 100 years and so I'd like to thank Lilsaej, Bobo, T, the good people at Frito-Lay, the good people at Hendrick Motorsports, Jimmie, Chad and the rest of the #48 team and the inventor of Michelob Ultra for giving me such an awesome Sunday. I didn't even mind the fact the lake was slimy. I was just glad it was gator-free.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


mdvelazquez said...

Yeah for lazy Sundays and cold beer.

AndreAnna said...

I need a Sunday like that. Minus the NASCAR because dude, really? I just can't.

Karen from Mentor said...

loved the jetski plowed directly into rocks. [felt sorry for 10 year old you]

glad you had some downtime.


Nancy said...

That sounds like a great time!
I haven't watched a race in awhile and I'm sure my husband was rooting for Jeff Gordon over Jimmie Johnson (don't even know where he ended up).
I jump around and shout when I'm listening to football games on the radio so I know the feeling!

debb said...

Sounds like such a good time! I'm glad you got to finally have some much deserved down time.

pbw said...

Go ahead and get the Bristol tix. They're really for the Saturday race anyway. The Friday race is a freebie throw in. Just ignore it.