Thursday, July 09, 2009

I Am A Total Screwdriver Wielding Bad Ass!!

So usually I rely on the powers of men and power tools when it comes to building things. But I guess I was inspired by all of the Independence we celebrated this past weekend and so when I realized I needed a new cart-stand thingy for my printer and scanner, I decided to DO IT MYSELF.

I went to Staples and found a basic utility cart for $29.99. I completely forget to get a cart so I had to lug the giant yet totally manageable box to the register. When the nice man behind the register asked me if I needed help getting said box to the car, I politely declined. I lift 50-lb bags of feed (she brags). A 26-lb utility cart is NOTHING.

I got home and unpacked the contents. All in all, not too complicated: five primary pieces of wood plus 2 small valances, 4 wheels, 4 cam locks, 4 cam bolts, 12 1-3/4 inch flathead screws, 2 angle brackets, 18 1/2 inch pan head screws and 8 plastic screwhead covers. I have built enough of this crap over the years to know how it goes, so I poured myself a glass of wine and got to work.

And I will clarify, that while I do have a power drill (and know how to use it so watch out baby!), it seemed excessive for such a simple task so basically it was me and a screwdriver. And after about an hour, and some serious screwing....

VOILA! My new printer-scanner-utility-cart-stand-thingy!

Yes. I am a total screwdriver wielding bad ass! I know - right?

And for the record, I realize that I am really good at taking "After" shots to show off my accomplishments but pretty crappy at taking "Before" shots. It would have been totally awesome if I had taken a "Before" shot with all the screws and wood boards everywhere. DAMN I suck.

Also, for the record, you know what the hardest thing was? Getting those damn little plastic screw cap covers into the screws.

You see that little plastic nub? It's supposed to go into the screwhead which is logical and doesn't seem like it would be tough or anything but Holy Hell people - it took me 10 minutes to get 8 of them in like this (and no it WASN'T wine-related - not at all!):

Seriously. I broke like 5 of them which as it turns out was fine because they totally send you more than you need.

Anyways, if you need any furniture assembled just give me a shout. I've got my trusty screwdriver. And I know how to use it.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Nancy said...

You go girl! I always feel so accomplished when I manage to put something together. Or solve computer hardware problems.

harmzie said...

Congratulations! You'll be off building a Furgenyurgenstock in no time!

My little baby engineer is growing up!

kyooty said...

Great job!!!