Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guest Post: Ode To Livermush

So today we are completely fortunate because OMFG we are out of things to write about super duper lucky to have the incredibly handsome and awesome Moriarty on hand to write about the wonders of livermush. I know - livermush. It's way sexier than it sounds. Swear.

this post started out innocently enough. i swear. it started out as a very simple idea. i contacted Country Girl about it over a month ago. i believe i had read one of her blog entries and thought that it might be fun for her to blog about some foods that we have in this particular corner of the universe that other places may not have. so i tweeted her up (does that sound dirty?) and told her that she should blog about livermush. seconds later i got this response- “dude - I don't do livermush.” (So FYI - I totally *don't do* livermush...)

I was flabbergasted...i didn’t know what to say. not eat livermush? this lady loves food. how can she not eat livermush? she will eat tolerate foie gras, which is a the liver of a duck or goose that has been overly fattened by force feeding the animal, but she won’t eat livermush? what the world?

then she offered me a guest spot on itac where i could feel free to wax philosophically on the magical nature of livermush. while i appreciated the offer, i was busy. i politely ignored her. then she hinted at begging. i demurred but i began to think about it. i mean, a post on livermush would be a perfect subject for her blog. who wouldn’t want to hear about livermush? she must have sensed this weakness because to seal the deal she offered to buy me a ginormous pbr. (FYI - This is 100% true. I am not above bribing Guest Bloggers. Future Guest Bloggers - line up and let the madness begin!!) i caved. i mean, who wouldn’t give in at the offer of a ginormous pbr? i began to think about livermush and pbr. mmmm.....but i digress.

if you haven’t ever had livermush, you are beginning to think to yourself “what the hell is livermush? that doesn’t even sound remotely like something i might want to eat.” livermush, according to wikipedia, “is a southern united states foodstuff composed of pig liver, head parts, and cornmeal.” it is fried. it serves as the meat section of the plate in many breakfasts throughout the region. it is very scrumptious. i just had some. i had mine with a slice of bacon and an egg over medium. sometimes i eat livermush on a biscuit, usually a livermush and egg biscuit. you can get these at one of the local gas stations. breakfast from the gas station. life is good. pics to follow.

so anyway, reader, here i am. talking about livermush. this is actually the second post that i have written about livermush. the first draft of this blog was written in surfside beach, sc about a month ago. right after breakfast. it was a much better article than this (trust me) but it ended up being erased by our IT guys. oh well. in the first draft, i was lamenting the fact that i couldn’t get livermush in or around myrtle beach, sc (they only have liver pudding which is not the same, ditto scrapple). livermush is a really regional food. not available a scant four hours away from where i sit and write this. most livermush is made fairly local. my favorite kind is hunter’s livermush and it is made in marion, nc. neese’s also makes a livermush but i prefer hunter’s. regardless of the brand name, it is a culinary sensation. a gastronomic taste explosion. mmm...mmm...good. so anyway, i’m sorry for you if you have never had livermush. if you live in an area that has it, go eat some now. if you live in a place that is sans livermush, i feel sorry for you. visit nc. we have livermush. (that could be the new state tourism tag line).

i actually learned during my research for this article (research for a blog about livermush...i might be the first livermush researcher ever) that shelby, nc has a livermush exposition every year. i can’t believe i have never been. maybe i’ll start this year. but first i have to go cook my daughter breakfast. guess what she’s having...

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...

PS A GIANT Thank You to Moriarty for his wondrous musings on this most entertaining of subjects!


Nancy said...

Is it Liver but mushed up into a patty?
My husband would LOVE this. He loves liver, onions and bacon (ok, so do I) and this would be an awesome sandwich or just an easier way to make it.
I wonder if anyone up north here has it.

kyooty said...


debb said...

Okay, this is so not my cuppa. I have heard of many Southern delicacies and this is a first for me.


P.S. the word verification is nocho, similiar to nacho...maybe a food friday?

mdvelazquez said...

If I hadn't read the contents, I might have been willing to give it a try. :-)

AliCat said...

Ew ... head parts. Ew.

pbw said...

So is it you, Rougeneck, or Moriarity who eats livermush? I couldn't tell. If it's you, I am WAY impressed...and this from one who isn't fond of grits! Frankly, in my experience, its pig liver and cornmeal only...no "head parts" that I'm aware of. And it's absolutely awesome!

Lora McDonald said...

I was born and raised in NC, though my husband and I relocated nearly two years ago to his hometown in Ohio. We meet up every year at Myrtle Beach with my family from NC. The first thing I do is hit a Walmart for Neeses Liver Pudding. Livermush is all the trash they hate to throw away, not the case with Liver Pudding. Even my northern husband loves fried Liver Pudding and he hates liver. You should try it at least once and decide for yourself. :)