Thursday, June 18, 2009

Theme Parties Clearly Get Me Excited. Clearly.

Holy hell y'all. Four-freaking-hundred posts. I can't hardly believe it. My little blog is all growed up and I am so, so, so proud.


Theme parties. They have become a major part of my life recently. It started when Sarah, Josh & I went roller skating and on the drive home it came out that Josh and Sarah know almost as much about Saved By The Bell as I do (so FYI no one knows as much about SBTB as I do except maybe Jimmy Fallon) and suddenly inspiration hit and I was all: I'm going to throw a SBTB party. And I don't think I wrote about it at the time because I DIDN'T WANT YOU TO BE HORRIFIED but now I'm sort of over it. Judge if you must but I heart Zack Morris.

So I threw this totally awesome party and Tivo'd 40 episodes of SBTB over like 3 weeks. Sadly - the "I'm so excited...I'm so excited...I'm so scared" one where Jesse gets hooked on caffeine pills wasn't on but the drunk driving episode was on and the one where Johnny Dakota comes to Bayside to shoot a PSA for "Don't Do Drugs" (even though he's a total pot-head) was on and so was the one where they discover oil. I mean can we discuss the socially relevant themes of SBTB people? Can we?

And I put together a killer menu (which OMG I can't find the original email - how is this possible) including Bayside Breezes (a totally yummy cocktail that I created in my head on the spot and no don't ask me what was in them because I couldn't possibly tell you), Max Burgers, Jesse Spano's Environmentally Friendly Green Salad, Slater's Taters and Lisa Turtle Brownie Sundaes. And everyone had to come in costume (I went as Kelly from The College Years)

(there's me holding a Bayside Breeze)

and it was super fun and apparently spawned an entire theme party movement because since then we've had:

* Shag & Showgirls: This was brilliant in theory. Sorta. Kinda. Ok. Not really and I totally blame my friend Jamie for screwing this up. It was supposed to be a SHAG party because my friend Alice and I both LOVE Shag but then I made some random comment about Elizabeth Berkely in Showgirls on FB (specifically something to the effect of: OMG - can't believe Elizabeth Berkley has never won an Oscar. Do you realize the range of talent she demonstrated swinging from Jesse Spano to Nomi Malone?) and then Jamie said something about Showgirls and there was the whole alliteration thing happening and suddenly our sweet, chaste, innocent Shag party got turned into a Shag and Showgirls party although for the record - we watched about 10 minutes of Showgirls and then turned it off because OMG THAT SHIT IS HORRIFYING. But Alice was an awesome hostess and once again I can't remember everything but we had Pudge's Pigs in a Blanket, Melaina's Mac and Cheese Bites, Buzz's Bacon Bites, Bubble Flip Chips and Dip, and Bee's Knees Cheese and Crackers. It was awesome. I went as Carson. Like my Bubble Flip?

* Mad-Libs and Martinis: Mad Libs and Martinis was genius (because Karen is genius!) and was documented not once, but twice already so click on the links to read all about it. No seriously. CLICK PEOPLE. I just went back and re-read both posts and holy crap they are funny. And well written. Which is especially amazing given that the morning after I couldn't talk quite think outside the Mad Libs genre.

* Audrey Hepburn Movie Marathon: Sarah was originally going to hostess a Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Rocky Horror Picture Show party (an homage to drag queens clearly) but then we decided boys wouldn't come if there was a costume requirement and she also wanted to hostess an Audrey Hepburn marathon because we both heart Audrey in the BIGGEST way (Who doesn't heart Audrey? Who?) and so we finally settled on 3 Audrey flicks (Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Two For The Road) and Sarah said we should watch them in order of Audrey's disillusionment i.e. naive princess, screwed up hooker young woman with a heart of gold, totally jaded housewife and we did except Two For The Road was REALLY depressing so we stopped watching about 20 or 30 minutes in (although for the record I actually really do like the movie and it's such and interesting and intense look at marriage and Audrey is GORGEOUS and the fashion is AMAZING but it's really not the right type of movie for a Saturday night theme party - especially if you're warm and fuzzy on Wallace's Watermelon Martinis) and put on Clue instead. Clue is awesome. Oh - and Sarah put together a killer menu including The Wallace’s Watermelon Martinis, Princess Ann’s Pepperoni Platter, Joe Bradley’s Bruschetta, Sally Tomato Salad, Holly Golightly’s Chicken with Saffron Rice Casserole (Chocolate sauce served later with ice cream), Two for the Road Two-Bite Brownies (to go with ice cream/chocolate sauce). AND Karen brought over croissants in a giant blue Tiffany box. I mean - we take our theme parties seriously people!

(ps bummed there wasn't a full length head to toe shot 'cuz I rocked out as a 21st century Holly Golightly)

(pps I realize that in every picture I am holding a drink. It feels sorta like college all over again only at least they aren't 16 oz. red plastic cups. At least I am holding martini glasses and champagne flutes. So much more sophisticated - right?)

So I was going to write about other old movies y'all should watch (mainly cause there was some post-party chatter on FB about how hot Gregory Peck is and then my friend Harmzie was all "What old movies should I watch because I haven't seen any of the ones you're talking about") but holy hell y'all this post is getting unwieldy so I will save the list of kick-ass old movies for another day.


I am in charge of the next theme party and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I love Grease 2. In ways that are simply indescribable. And if you knew the levels and depth of my love for that movie you'd either propose marriage (I'm talking to you Nen) or end our friendship right here and now. Or you might ask me to act out the entire movie WHICH I TOTALLY WOULD and I would sing and everything and even do my best to recreate the bowling extravaganza and OMG don't get me started on Grease 2 because now I totally want to watch it and why the hell don't I have it on DVD and I want the soundtrack too and it's not available for download on iTunes (What's up with that? Hello Steve Jobs. Put Grease 2 on iTunes. NOW!) and ACK!!!!!! Clearly I need to stop blogging about Grease 2. Immediately. Before I have a meltdown.


Theme parties. I am up next. So I am thinking Grease 2 or maybe sequels in general or maybe something to do with Dolly because we all heart Dolly or maybe Designing Women because that show is entirely too genius for words and I have my 4 all time favorite episodes saved on Tivo:

* The one where Julia gets hammered at her son's wedding and spends the night with his roommate (whoops!) only she doesn't actually sleep with him but she thinks she does (which would have been awesome by the way) and then Suzanne and the others have to steamroll over the house mother to rescue Julia from the frat.

* Bernice's sanity hearing where basically it turns out the everyone is totally crazy EXCEPT for Bernice and there's that stupid joke about 2 Dicks and a little hat and Suzanne can't hear 'cuz her ears are clogged and Mary Jo shows Charlene how to put on underwear in front of a judge.

* The one where they go to New Orleans for a convention and Mary Jo sleeps with a married man and Charlene and Suzanne get trashed and Suzanne has a catfight with a drag queen (that wig yanking scene at the end KILLS ME) and Julia gets pissed that no one has any sense of decorum and then she has that awesome monologue where she's all: "Hey Hey Hey New Orleans. I am single and I am going to sleep in the same room as a black man who is SIGNIFICANTLY younger than I am. And he's my employee. And stick that in your etouffe and smoke it!" God I love Dixie Carter.

* The one where Suzanne goes to her high school reunion only she's fat which means apparently she's no longer beautiful and then she has that very touching speech where she basically tells her classmates to stop being such dicks and to fuck off it's not how you look (or how big your boobs are), it's who you are (and how big your heart is).

So I was totally going to ask y'alls opinion on what my next theme party should be but I just decided it's going to be Grease 2 and Designing Women because I am clearly passionate about both (No I have not had ANY caffeine this morning - I am just naturally crazy wired bubbly like this) and because I am some kind of theme party GENIUS I will figure out how to tie the two together. Just give me a damn minute.

And if that ain't...holy hell...I don't what it is but either way, I'll totally kiss your...



Linda said...

I had a theme party once centered around "Phantom of the Opera". That was a lot of fun. My girlfriend has themed swim parties every year. So maybe something general....80's, 70's, Luau etc.

kyooty said...

Grease 2! of course! Cause you can totally get a motorcycle to ride and bowl?

Karen from Mentor said...

You look FABULOUS in a hat.

And if you do go bowling....get them to put the bumpers in the will be more fun...what with all the alcohol consumed and everything.

At least you'll knock a pin or two down.
Well, if you can get the ball into your own lane.

you know, what with all the alcohol consumed and everything

Karen from Mentor said...


holy crap. Congratulations.

(she said in a delicate ladylike way)

Shelly Overlook said...

I have to agree that you are totally rocking hats. Wish I had the same gift.

Secondly, I love me some Grease 2. I used to act out (complete with ladder and hula hoop b/c both are essential) the Cool Rider song over and over and over. Deep down I know it's a horrid movie, but I cannot stop my love for it.

Also, Two for the Road is definitely fantastic, but you have to be in the right mood for is. I don't think it should ever be shown after Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Nenette AM said...

OMG, yeah! Marry me and we'll totally watch Grease 2 for the rest of our lives! :)
I KNOW! -- I don't have this on DVD either! I had it on VHS, and I remember having such a sucky old VCR that waiting for the dang tape to rewind nearly killed me -- KILLED ME!!! The sucky VCR eventually ate the tape. It (the VCR) also ate the tape with my favourite episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Just saying.

Karen from Mentor said...

Sarah,(response to your comment at my place)
Hopefully your read through the comment thread and saw that I said I LOVE your rants. Admittedly, SOME more than
And of course you wouldn't kick puppies!!!!Perish the thought.Someone who can rock a hat as hard as you can would never do that. What would Audrey think???
And hey-- if your ass looks big, you could try putting it in a bigger pasture to throw off the perspective.... Or nice big earrings....that can help too.