Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cause Every Day Is Father's Day

So boy did I feel like an asshole Sunday night when I finally had a chance to open up my Google Reader and there were like, 15 unread blog posts staring me in the face...and ALL OF THEM were in honor of Father's Day. What did I post on Sunday? My usual Week In Tweets. Though I did call dad as soon as I got up Sunday morning and wished him a Happy Father's Day. AND I even sent him a card this year...I don't think I have done that since I was a teenager.

So anyways, to make me feel further guilty about my lack of a Father's Day post, I did have enough good sense on Mother's Day to write about Mom and so I was feeling especially assholey when it occured to me...I don't need Hallmark to tell me when to celebrate my father. And didn't I just write about Dad and participate in his Blog Tour? Take that Hallmark and the Blogosphere. I am not going to be conventional and celebrate Dad on his designated day. I have already celebrated him and will continue to do so when the mood strikes. Not because some holiday dictates that it must be so.

Well, Monday morning I checked my most new favorite blog, In Three Words and the subject was: Your Dad. Well, I live for commenting on In Three Words and so I racked my overtired brain for 3 words to describe Dad. Here are some of what I came up with:

* My daily inspiration

* Love to death

* Amazing wonderful man

* Makes me laugh

* Can't live without

Anyways, nothing felt right and I couldn't decide and I was late to get on the road (story of my life these days) and so I figured I'd noodle on it and comment later and sure enough when I got home Monday night and opened up Google Reader there was In Three Words and suddenly it came to me. My Dad in 3 words? Here's what I wrote:

Not enough words

Because it's not. Three words are simply not enough to describe how much I love my father, how much he means to be, how much he inspires me, how much I treasure him, how much I fear him not being in my life one day, how much I depend on him, how much he amazes me, how he always makes me laugh, how he doesn't judge my chronic occasional screw-ups, how he pushes me to be better than I am, how he never makes me feel like I don't deserve everything I have, how much he understands me, how much he supports me, how much I worry about him, how he always know just what to say, how much he loves me back, and the list goes on. I am sorry. I really do love In Three Words and I agree - you can say alot with just 3 words. But when it comes to Dad - 3 words is simply not enough.

I have a good life. I really do. I am fortunate and blessed and lucky in so many ways. But there have been rough patches along the way - especially in the last few months - and I have found myself relying heavily on both my parents to help guide me through and as such, I think I was feeling particularly sentimental when I wrote Dad's Father's Day card. I did not draft it. I wrote it straight from the heart. And I won't share it all, but I'll share the 38 words you really need to know:

Your love and support these last few months have kept me floating when I thought I’d sink, kept me focused when I thought I’d crash, and kept me sane when I thought I’d lose it. I love you!

It's ok. I'm crying too.

Happy Father's Day Dad. Cause EVERY day is Father's Day to me.


harmzie said...

Beautiful. I knew there was a good reason I started reverse-stalking him. I have excellent sense about these things.

not enough words

harmzie said...

(also? "Every Day Is Father's Day"? Nice save. Swish)

kyooty said...

that was sweet, up here the radio station called it "Father's Week" They are still celebrating!

debb said...

What a lovely post.

My father has alzheimers. I feel like I lost him years ago, even though he is still here.

So, I will admit I have been lax the last few years on expressing my appreciation for all he has been. Not, that I don't tell him how much I love him--I do, how much he means to me--I do, how grateful I am he and mom adopted me--I do. It's just I somewhere along the way forgot who he used to be. He still is that person, he's just hiding behind this ugly disease. Unfortunately, the only time I get to visit with that dad is in my memories and my heart. Somedays, well somedays I forget to stop by. I'm sorry daddy.

Thank you for helping me to remember today.