Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Oh Canada!

See - you didn't think I could do it - did you? You didn't think I actually had the wherewithal or moxie or drive or desire or focus or whatever to actually follow through with Part Deux of why the Internetwebosphere is such a fucking kick-ass place. Well you were wrong because I am here to tell you ALL about why I am now (mildly) obsessed. And also - why Canada rocks my Mountie-less world.

While I am usually all about providing backstory, the backstory has already been so well documented (by some seriously talented writers no less) so for me to even attempt to offer my own version seems like a not-so-good-use of my time. But that shouldn't stop you from reading about it and you absolutely should read about it here and here.

For those of you who don't feel like clicking on the links and then having to back-track to this post, suffice it to say there is a mad, mad love affair going on between my dad and the Cactus-Fish clan and it has now extended to me. And as a result, I now heart the entire Cactus-Fish clan as well. That's one reason why I am suddenly obsessed with how fucking awesome the Internetwebosphere is.

But more importantly, once I was asked to be part of Dad's blog tour, I realized that I had to step up my blogging game. Suddenly, this was no longer a random blog that may or may not have readers related to me by blood and/or who were friends of mine from high school/college/summer camp (scratch that last one - I hated all those catty girls I went to summer camp with and am no longer friends with any of them - not even on Facebook!). This was a blog being featured on the blog tour of a big time mystery writer and this was my chance to take it to the next level.

So Beth Fish became my blogging consigliere and sort of showed me the ropes. She told me what software to download to start tracking traffic. She helped me shape a few pivotal posts. She gave me invaluable tips on how to build a reader base...like, read other blogs and leave comments. Bloggers don't only write blogs, we read blogs and we comment on these other blogs and we kind of build a little blogger community. It's actually pretty awesome.

And in the last month or so - between being a better blog writer, being a better blog reader, and being on a blog tour - I feel like in the smallest, eensiest, teeniest way I am now a fraction of a part of that blogger community.

And even cooler - I am "cyber friends" with a whole new group of folks. Some via the blog. Many on Twitter. One on Facebook. There are others where I am still a reader/commenter and haven't cracked the cyber friend circle - but maybe my shameless promotion of their sites today will change that.

So here's who you need to be reading:

All and Sundry was the last stop on the Lomax and Biggs blog tour and there's a reason. No one was going to follow that awesome post. No one. ps Previous and subsequent posts are equally as awesome.

Attack of the Redneck Mommy - doesn't the name just say it all?

Diary of a Modern Matriarch is new to the list but was recommended by my girl Harmzie who I trust implicitly. So far, I am not disappointed and I don't think you will be either.

Harmzie has pulled of the social networking trifecta. We follow each other on Twitter, she is in my Daily Dose of Blog (and I am in her Crack) and we are FB friends. I have oodles of love for Harmzie clearly.

I don't know Nenette of Life Candy fame personally but she is a pal of Harmzie and you must, must, must (if nothing else) check out the post on The Freebie List. And leave a comment if you dare (I did). Oh wait. I just went back to read through the comments and Nenette replied to me. Maybe we are friends after all. Kinda. Sorta.

Scenic Overlook actually found me awhile ago through dad and we have a shared love of NASCAR. But I confess, until I became I better blog reader, I didn't find her. But now I have. And I am happy I did.

The Bloggess might be the fucking funniest blogger out there. Seriously. When I first subscribed to her RSS feed I actually read through all 20 posts that were downloaded and laughed my ass off. However - warning: her brand of humor is not for the faint of heart.

What's Rolling Around in My Head belongs to my girl Nancy who found me through a comment I left on Rude Cactus (which of course you totally need to be reading if you are not) which just proves the point that this whole being a better blog reader works.

Lastly - you must keep up with my my blogging consigliere because she is the best. For serious.

So yes. Read these blogs. Subscribe to their RSS feeds. Follow them on Twitter. They are all funny and entertaining and totally worth your time. Just please don't stalk them or anything because, you know, that would totally suck and I'd feel responsible and then I might be booted from the Blogging World and that would break my heart. So no stalking - ok?

Oh yeah. What does this have to do with Canada? Well, I feel like a number of the bloggers listed above are Canadian and so that inspired the title. And I have never been to Canada. Not even when I dated someone at University of Michigan and who lived in one of those posh suburbs outside of Detroit. And every time I visited him I'd beg him to take me across the bridge to Windsor because it seemed so utterly cool to go to an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT country for dinner or something but he was always like: been there, done that. And I was like: but I haven't been there, done that. But we never did go there, do that so I guess you see why we broke up.

Shit. Now I have got Canada on the brain. I need to find a picture of a Mountie or a moose or something.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


AndreAnna said...


I read all of those people too - must be the whole "great minds" thing. :)

Shelly Overlook said...

Thank you for the love, right back at'cha!

Nenette AM said...

Aw, thanks for the love! :)

Yes, of course, we're friends, and I'll cut whoever says otherwise. You sealed that deal when you jumped on the Freebie List bandwagon! (Oh, and feel free to friend me on FB... I'm on Harmzie's list.)

And speaking of, I can think of worse places to be than in Harmzie's Crack. :) (yes, I know what I typed.)

Nancy said...

I got chills to see my blog name in print - thanks for the shout out!
I have "met" some truly wonderful people through the blogosphere and I'm glad you're one of them!

Redneck Mommy said...

Y'all need to come on up to Canada. We aren't just America's hat any more you know.

We've got a hot mess of mounties to amuse ourselves with and our brand of rednecks is sure to keep you in stitches.

Thanks for thinking of me.

Shelly Overlook said...

Hey - here's some blog fodder for you:

How does it feel to have so many of us developing Marshall crushes? Obviously you are proud of your father, but is it weird at all?

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You are awesome and are making me all blushy.

Beth Fish said...

Aw shucks - thanks for all the pimpin'.

harmzie said...

Feeling (a) totally ashamed that I've taken so long to say (b) totally overwhelmed by (c) the praise and (d) the company you've put me in!

[scrambling for content to live up to it]

harmzie said...

ooo... and you're moderating... I feel extra-exclusive

erm... assuming my comment makes the cut
[shut UP Harmzie...]

Country Girl said...

Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting. You are all amazing writers and a total inspiration. And some of you appear to be a total hoot on Twitter after a few margaritas...lots of blogosphere love...xxx

kyooty said...

YAY! for Canada getting a shout out, even though I left and lived in the US for 5yrs, I'm back to Canada. Both have their ups and downs. :)
ps. I'm a great follower, I READ everything :)