Sunday, May 03, 2009

My Week In Tweets: 4/26 - 5/2

It's been an epic week in my Twitterverse...

sharing twitter tips w/ dad & tryng to teach him how to tweet remotely...i'd say this is weird but we are already FB friends so not really
9:38 AM Apr 26th from web

wine with sarah marie...talladega...wishing i had a tv outside so i could get some more sun...and still craving a milkshake...
4:28 PM Apr 26th from web

Wondering if I ought to consult a phrenologist regarding this odd shaped lump on the top of my head???
8:00 PM Apr 26th from TwitterBerry

really wants to say something truly hysterical but instead is going to refrain from saying something entirely bitchy. Progress???
9:44 PM Apr 26th from web

wondering is it too early to be tweeting about cocktails? Because a Redhead in Bed sounds insanely delicious...
7:16 AM Apr 27th from web

Meltdown. Literally. A/C in Blazer died. WTF? Can you say anxiety attack???
2:17 PM Apr 27th from TwitterBerry

Damn my car is hot. Physical meltdown to match mental meltdown. So stopping @ Steak and Shake on the way home. No question.
3:35 PM Apr 27th from TwitterBerry

effing hate Gastonia - missed S&S so settled 4 mint oreo shake @ Cookout in Lton. Req'd spoon which made it difficult 2 drink while driving
4:47 PM Apr 27th from web

but was still really, really good and totally needed....
4:47 PM Apr 27th from web

rather quickly becoming obsessed with In Treatment and um yeah...Gabriel Byrne. Yeah.
9:24 PM Apr 27th from web

is getting a lesson in the difference between mad and phat...for serious. And it's mad man. I mean phat. I mean mad. I mean...
10:13 PM Apr 27th from web

watching Waitress...Nathan Fillion? Yeah - #3. So #3. @Harmzie - I hate you. Hate. (Not really. Love you. Love.)
10:54 PM Apr 27th from web

Really resenting having to hand wash the "dishwasher safe" Reidels....
8:30 AM Apr 28th from TwitterBerry

Might need a new compressor. FUCK.
10:36 AM Apr 28th from TwitterBerry

Do they have auto 101 for girls - b/c I totally need to enroll...
10:39 AM Apr 28th from TwitterBerry

So apparently girl who grew up in nyc is supposed 2 b able 2 hear that the compressor sounds funny. All I knew was that the air wasn't cold.
10:44 AM Apr 28th from TwitterBerry

getting ready to live-Tweet Idol b/c if @mrskutcher can do it, so can I!
7:45 PM Apr 28th from web

Rat Pack week. Knew Matt would be wearing a hat. So fucking predictable. Why'd they save him?
8:01 PM Apr 28th from web

never realized that Kara had such a ginormous forehead. I know I missed the last few weeks, but has she had work done?
8:15 PM Apr 28th from web

Way for Simon to be an ass. At a totally inappropriate time no less.
8:28 PM Apr 28th from web

Sorry. Matt bores me to tears. And I want to knock that jauntily perched hat off his fucking head...
8:37 PM Apr 28th from web

sensing conspiracy theory. Simon thought Matt was genius and ripped into Allison? Conspiracy. Or something else...either way, it's whack!
8:41 PM Apr 28th from web

I heart Danny Gokey. Totally.
8:47 PM Apr 28th from web

Adam + shiny white suit + never ending staircase = utter genius. That said, if he were on roller skates the genius would be that much more
8:56 PM Apr 28th from web

Feeling like the image of this Teeter employee in a suit and tie AND a plastic bag-cap-thingy on his head is extremely incongruous...
7:53 AM Apr 29th from TwitterBerry

Q: define torture. A: bathing suit shopping. Would somebody shoot me now? Please?
3:28 PM Apr 29th from TwitterBerry

Take that Simon!!! Allison and Danny the top 2 and Matt in the bottom 3.....America finally got it right - at least this week...
9:19 PM Apr 29th from TwitterBerry

Loves being in Charleston - but my hair is in disagreement - something about all of this humidity...
3:20 PM Apr 30th from TwitterBerry

Sullivan's island - small but with sucky signage....made at least 3 wrong turns (if remotely possible)....
8:00 PM Apr 30th from TwitterBerry

Thinking about divorcing my bangs since clealry we don't see eye to eye on how they should behave...
10:00 AM May 1st from TwitterBerry

apparently I am not on Sullivan's. Apparently I am in Kansas and there is a twister coming to take me and my little dog away...
12:05 PM May 1st from TwitterBerry

Thanks @Harmzie for all the turn to stalk next #followfriday.....
9:52 AM May 2nd from TwitterBerry

Coveting Wilbur & Gussie....COVETING!
4:29 PM May 2nd from TwitterBerry

Sweet tea martinis at the Pavilion rooftop bar in downtown Charleston....loving life!
7:24 PM May 2nd from TwitterBerry

As I's been an epic week for Tweeting.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...