Monday, May 25, 2009

My Daily Dose of Inspiration

So - as awesome as it was going to see the Isaac Mizrahi fashion show and actually getting to meet Isaac in person, I actually TOOK SOMETHING AWAY from the experience- and I am not talking about my cute little strapless seersucker dress and oh-so-pretty sparkly silver skirt. You see, while the whole point of those purchases was to have 30 seconds face-to-face with the man himself (and of course, totally cute clothes for the summer), I also got a FREE copy of Isaac's new book How to Have Style. And, the other day when it was actually sunny and I was actually laying out on my deck relaxing, I actually read the book. Not because I don't know how to have style. But because I had flipped through the book while waiting 2 hours for the show to start and there was this whole thing about "Inspiration Boards" which had caught my eye and I wanted to go back and revisit.

So y'all? Everyone MUST have an Inspiration Board. Seriously. And it's so easy too because an Inspiration Board is simply a collection of images, colors, photos, fabrics, and whatnot that inspires. And you tack it all up to a cork board and every day you are reminded about what you love and what moves you and at least if you're like me, you feel a little better about life in general.

So after reading I promptly headed to Wal-Mart and got to work on MY Inspiration. Board. So far (and in no particular order), here's what's on it:

* A picture of me and Isaac.
* My ticket from my tour of Lowe's Motor Speedway.
* A post card of Ann-Margaret that says "Kitten With A Whip."
* Backstage passes to Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
* A purple lei from Mad-Libs and Martinis.
* A pretty piece of grosgrain ribbon.
* A skull necklace.
* A shiny sticker that says Princess.
* A Rabbit Factory postcard.
* A Bloodthirsty postcard.
* A picture of 2 of my best friends, Dr. Diva and Designer Genius.
* My ticket, chalet pass and wrist band from Quail Hollow.
* My ticket for Yo Yo Ma and the Greenville Symphony Orchestra.
* A piece of orange fabric.
* A grosgrain ribbon and rhinestone bow.
* A picture of me dressed up to meet Isaac.
* A picture of my mom from the 1960s. She's holding a Black-Eyed Susan and her hair is really long. She's beautiful.
* A postcard of a cheetah-print stiletto that says: "Assess Your Weapons."
* My ticket from last year's Van Halen show (and their first EVER reunion).
* The tag from my Gucci purse with the contrallato number indicating it's real and not fake.
* A picture of my darling nephew.
* Rhinestone flowers and shiny hearts around the border.
* My favorite all time photo of me and dad. I am 4 and in my Supergirl bathing suit and denim skirt. He has full-on facial hair and is juggling. I am clearly in awe.
* The Spring 2007 Look Card for Wilbur and Gussie.
* The Asking Prayer.
* The Shoe of Salvation postcard.
* A note from Marty wishing me luck at a big meeting I had the other week.
* A postcard with one of my favorite quotes: "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."
* A beautiful piece of floral fabric ribbon. I've had this ribbon for years and horde it because it is just so gorgeous.
* A self-portrait I took a few weeks ago when I got my hair done. It's actually better than pretty good.
* The tag from my Prada bag indicating that it's real and not fake.

And of course, I couldn't get just any plain old push pins. I got cute plastic flower pushpins in assorted bright colors. And I am still looking for the right images of Audrey and Jackie because Lord knows they inspire me more than anyone else. And Italy. Italy definitely inspires me. But the genius thing about an Inspiration Board is that it's an ever-evolving work-in-progress. I don't think there's ever a definitive end and I will continue to work on mine until I can't see any more cork.

So my loves - WHAT INSPIRES YOU?

Oh. I forgot one more thing on my Inspiration Board. A picture of Dolly Parton. Don't let the squeaky voice, bleached hair, big boobs and long nails fool you. She is one tough cookie who runs a serious empire. And she's smart. Oh so smart.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


harmzie said...

I like the idea, but probably wouldn't get around to creating one, so I'll probably just print & post yours.

I *did* have a nice wall full of inspiration in my last office - mostly full of pictures of & by my kids; a fax that Max sent me to test his new fax machine a million years ago (message: "xox"); and the card from some of the only flowers he sent me (10 roses on our 10-year dating anniversary). I packed up that office & moved & haven't repositioned everything yet.

Maybe now I will!

Karen from Mentor said...

I love having an inspiration board in my kitchen. I only have room for one, so after a while I redo it and start a new one.
What did I do with all of the inspirational stuff on the last one you might ask???? Well, I took the things that I REALLY still liked and put them into a little photo album I got from Michaels for a dollar...It has a pretty photo of a huge gerbena (hot pink) daisy on the front.
That way I have the best of both worlds.

Oh and btw??? It works well as a filter for people who come into your house who shouldn't be in your life....cause if someone remarks that you have something CRAZY in your kitchen.....and it's a REFLECTION OF YOUR SOUL...well, that's a someone you need to KICK TO THE CURB. just sayin. :0)

LOVE DOLLY. Saw her on bio recently and loved her all the more.