Saturday, April 04, 2009

Where Art and Technology Meet

So here's the thing - this post is simply not coming together in my head the way I need it to. I am trying to be clever and witty and weave in some tidbits from childhood that you might find interesting but to be honest, it ain't happening. I suppose my choices are as follows:

1) Noodle on this post a little longer and hope that the cogs in my brain finally unstick and I can express myself in the most genius fashion ever.

2) Spell it out in plain English.

I am opting for choice #2 because even though my calendar is "empty" today, I have a shitload to do and feel like I need to push forward with my day.

So, most importantly, what I wanted to do today, was to do some more shameless promoting of a loved-one. This time, for Karen Banker, who is a dear friend, my own personal consigliere in most life-related matters, and one helluva an artist.

Karen currently has a one-woman show, Thought For Food, at the Microcosom Art Gallery located in Cosmos Cafe in Uptown Charlotte on the corner of 6th & College Streets. The exhibit runs from April 1 - April 30 and this coming Friday, April 10th, there will be a reception from 6 - 10 featuring complimentary food and wine. I highly encourage all of you to go check out the show. Karen is extremely talented and I promise, you won't be disappointed.

Speaking of artistic abilities, I thought that I had some. I really did. I have always been a creative person and as a kid my hands were permanently stained with ink or dye or paint because I was always, always, always doing something arts & crafts related. Most kids went Christmas shopping at Toys R Us. Mom took me to Lee's, a professional art supply store on West 57th, where I would stock up on every kind of marker, paint, pastel and pencil available.

As for the quality of my work...well, I was a child and I personally believe that you never, ever, ever squash a child's dream and I suppose my parents did too because I was always told that I was good. Talented. Artsy.

But now...well, now I am feeling rather frustrated. And I don't know if it's due to my own lack of artistic abilities, or the fact that I feel severely hamstrung by my lack of technological knowledge.

I am trying to redesign my blog. I know it won't happen in a day. And I know it won't happen within the confines of Blogger (which is great but also somewhat limiting in terms of color choices, font choices, design elements, etc.). But every time I visit a "professional blog" (see my new blogroll for some of my favorites - professional and otherwise) I get an itch to kick ITAC up about 100 notches in the look and feel department.

So I started out small this morning, by trying to fool with the template and some of the color and font choices (again - so limited). I only meant to spend a wee bit of time...but it's now after 12pm and I have been at this since 10am. And I am still not satisfied.

After several frustrating hours, I left it at the point where the blog felt readable and unoffensive aesthetically. But as I said, using a Blogger template sort of limits you in the layout department (Why must my 800 labels appear in one long column? Why can't I change this? And why can't I have 2 separate sidebars? And how do I add borders? ARGH!), unless you can manipulate the code, and I don't know code. Clearly. Hence - where Art and Technology meet.

So bear with me as ITAC continues to undergo a redesign. And in the meantime, as I said, if you really want to see some awesome art, check out Karen's show in Charlotte.

Now I have to go tend to my farm.

And if that ain't country. I'll kiss your...


Karen said...

Thank you Sarah for the shameless plug! And am liking your new GUI. BTW, you ARE artistic. Just look at how well you pull your amazing outfits together on a daily basis. Now that's talent!