Sunday, April 12, 2009

Under Pressure

I am feeling pressure to blog and this is new. There was a time when I would go a week - maybe more - without blogging. While I never quite felt okay about it, the lack of posts was either due to

a) my crazy, busy, hectic, out-of-control life and/or schedule


b) I simply had nothing interesting/worthy/"country enough" to write about.

But I have readers. Readers who aren't related to me by blood. Readers in NC. SC. CA. NY. The Phillipines. Singapore. VA. IN. KS. MI. Australia. The list goes on. And with readers, comes responsibility. Hence why I am feeling pressure.

So I am sitting here, icing my throbbing left knee (ok - so I know I shouldn't have gone jogging yesterday but it was just SOOOOO glorious outside), watching Spider-Man on TNT (wow - these special effects aren't so special and could Kirsten Dunst scream any more in this movie and be any more annoying), and wondering what the Hell I can write about.

To further confuse things, I now think in 140-165 character increments i.e. I am so used to constantly Tweeting and/or updating my status on Facebook that I have almost - almost - forgotten what it is like to write in complete sentences.

Do you want to hear about my new obsession with Katy Perry? I doubt it...and it's kind of not "country." Actually - it's really not country at all but I suppose that's ok.

Do you want to hear how I gave Lucky a big hug yesterday and let her nuzzle on my neck and then found out about 2 hours later (when it was too late to do anything about it) that she had just been grazing in a giant patch of poison ivy?

Do you want to hear how me and my gal-pal Sarah Marie (who had some personal drama when she locked herself out of her apartment AND her roommate was out of town AND she was finally forced to meet her neighbors even though she's lived in the complex for 2 years) drove to Charlotte on Friday night in a monsoon but it was totally worth it because my friend Karen's show at Cosmos totally, totally rocks? (FYI - it's up all month so you locals - go check it out!)

Actually, I think I want to write about the completely awesome banana-chocolate-chip muffins I baked last night. For the record, what made them completely awesome was that I had 2 really overripe, mushy bananas leftover from when Marty made Bananas Foster the other week and they have been sitting on the counter just STARING at me. Practically DARING me to either throw them out or get my Betty Crocker on. So I got my Betty Crocker on and showed those bananas just who was in charge.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...