Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Week In Tweets: 4/19 - 4/25

thinking I am lucky I didn't amputate my toe!
7:28 AM Apr 19th from web

McDonalds....yeah I'm lovin' it!
3:41 PM Apr 19th from web

monday. ugh.
7:12 AM Apr 20th from web

Thinking heels were a REALLY bad idea in light of my gashed toe....walking? Not so easy....
10:11 AM Apr 20th from TwitterBerry

Thinking of getting in touch with my inner Rita Hayworth....
12:19 PM Apr 20th from TwitterBerry

Has a gorgeous new 'do - thank you Miss Holly!!!!
6:58 PM Apr 20th from TwitterBerry

Raindrops keep falling on my freshly coiffed head....FUCK!
8:54 PM Apr 20th from TwitterBerry

Can't believe the crap that's advertised on TV at 5am...
5:03 AM Apr 21st from TwitterBerry

remembering what it is that makes me so fabulous in the first place...and not going to forget it again!
2:54 PM Apr 21st from web

Watching Shag, drinking wine, baking cookies - life is not that bad....
7:14 PM Apr 21st from TwitterBerry

is mother effing pissed off that her Tivo effing flaked and she missed Idol ONCE a freaking again....FUCK! (sorry - is that rude?)
9:36 PM Apr 21st from web

and trying to get out of bed. But it's a struggle.
7:50 AM Apr 22nd from web

really hates it when people use up all of the packing tape and don't tell you so that when you go to tape up a box there's no fucking tape
10:29 AM Apr 22nd from web

Realizing my white sneakers are so dirty, they no longer qualify as white...
11:51 AM Apr 22nd from TwitterBerry

drinking a kick-ass wine from Uruguay...who knew?!
8:09 PM Apr 22nd from web

Wandering around wachovia complex - madness...utter madness...
10:18 AM Apr 23rd from TwitterBerry

Thinking creative media evangalist is like, the coolest title ever....
12:27 PM Apr 23rd from TwitterBerry

Thinking whoever came up with gravy in a can has a sick and twisted mine...
2:14 PM Apr 23rd from TwitterBerry

Whoops - mind. See what eating canned gravy does to a girl? It messes with her minD...
2:14 PM Apr 23rd from TwitterBerry

really wanting to wear my new silver skirt...too much for random thursday karaoke at the local sports bar? or not enough?
6:32 PM Apr 23rd from web

I am snappy in strapless seersucker. That's right. SNAPPY!!!
7:38 AM Apr 24th from TwitterBerry

trying to take my own advice and learn to wallow in happiness like a luxurious cashmere blanket...
11:45 AM Apr 24th from web

At Lowes Motor Speedway - it's fuc...wait - told dad I'd de-salt my language. It's neat! Really neat! (Can't believe I forgot my camera!)
3:04 PM Apr 24th from TwitterBerry

Just learned what Baby Guinness was...."Irish" whiskey for Jews - though not whiskey (and not Irish) at all....and FYI retardedly good!
8:26 PM Apr 24th from TwitterBerry

Trying to catch up on over a month's worth of CLT Biz Journal (could be better), while getting a suntan on my deck (could be worse)...
1:15 PM Apr 25th from TwitterBerry

Seriously wondering about the strange man with the digital belt he trying to advertise something?
9:31 PM Apr 25th from TwitterBerry

Now seriously wondering about the odd fellow in the denim manpris....clearly need to avoid TWs on Saturdays....can you say fashion faux pas?
9:40 PM Apr 25th from TwitterBerry

Belt buckle still freaking me out...
10:05 PM Apr 25th from TwitterBerry

Eugene - he of the digital belt buckle - is quite aggressive when it comes to the Cuban Shuffle. SCARY!!!
11:35 PM Apr 25th from TwitterBerry

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


harmzie said...

Awesome. Wish I'd found you sooner -- By that I mean, you'd found me, of course! ;-)

So what IS Baby Guinness? (Don't make me Google)