Thursday, April 30, 2009

Isn't the Internetwebosphere a $#!@! Cool Place?

So I totally stole the title from Rude Cactus who is one of the most awesome bloggers ever and who is now a blog buddy...and a a quasi-adopted relative. And I will say this in answer to the question: YES. The internetwebosphere is totally, totally, totally a fucking cool place! There are multiple examples to reference, but I will focus on one because otherwise this post would go on forever. If I remember, I will make this a series (kind of like My Favorite Things only maybe I will do a better job...)

I first met Sarah Marie 100 years ago at my friend Karen's art opening in Lincolnton. Sarah was then (and is still now) a reporter for the Lincoln Times News and Karen introduced us because she thought my story (NYC Jewish Shopaholic Gets Transplanted to Farm in Rural NC with Goats) was interesting and newsworthy (or at least, profile-worthy) and Sarah agreed because a few weeks later, I got my 15 minutes.

I don't think I saw Sarah Marie again until about a year later - this time at a small Art Crawl in Lincolnton where over cheap wine in giant plastic cups we began to bond over our shared love of Audrey Hepburn and I totally told her about the monologue from Breakfast at Tiffany's I did for my drama class senior year at Duke and how I tried to be all dainty and Audrey-like and how it wasn't working so the teacher suggested I go in the complete opposite direction and how the final version involved me clunking around mad as Hell hurling f-bombs and in general lacing the monologue with other un-Audrey like language. Sarah Marie loved it and so a thin, frail bond was formed.

Fast forward 2 months to the ever-incredible Art Stroll in Downtown Lincolnton where I once again, ran into Sarah Marie. We talked briefly, she snapped some photos of me and my glittery gold eyeshadow, and then we parted ways. Oh - but not before vowing to become friends on Facebook. Yes - this was right around the time I discovered Facebook crack.

About a week or so later, Sarah Marie posted the photos on her Facebook page and I was HORRIFIED. The one photo of me was ok, but the other, which was meant to capture the awesomeness and sparkliness of my eyeshadow, also made my nose look rather...well, let's just say I did not think it was flattering. And I love my nose. I really do.

This lead to a giant exchange on Facebook about unflattering photos (including multiple chins and blowfish cheeks), another mutual love - this time of Dolly Parton, and a what I referred to as a "Tuesday morning overshare." The thin, frail bond grew stronger. Rapidly.

And then came the ultimate pre-Valentine's Day date at Monster Truck Jam. Again, a Facebook thing. I think I had recently confessed to my love of NASCAR and country music and Sarah Marie wrote back randomly (and probably totally facetiously) that she wanted to go to a Monster Truck Jam with me. That afternoon I heard on Kat Kountry that Monster Truck Jam was coming to Charlotte. It felt like destiny. It was destiny. And after MTJ (and late night karaoke where we totally killed Madonna and totally butchered David Allen Coe), our fate as friends (on FB and in real life) was evident.

Since MTJ we have gone roller skating, hung with Isaac, gone to yet another opening (again for my amazing friend Karen), had a Saved By The Bell Party, overshared plenty, and this Sunday Sarah came over at 2pm and we split a bottle of wine and had some much needed girl time. We are planning on a Shag and Showgirls party, a Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Rocky Horror Picture Show party (homage to drag queens clearly), and an Audrey Hepburn marathon (Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Two For the Road - as Sarah Marie put it, we are watching in order of Audrey's disillusionment.) We are also having a Mad-Libs and Martini night with Karen next week...yet again because of a random and slightly facetious comment on Facebook that wound up taking on a life of its own (so for the record, Karen is another amazing Internetwebosphere friend who found me through this blog after Googling Willow Creek Inn.).

So yes. No doubt. The internetwebosphere is a fucking cool ass place and I am so happy to reside here.

The other day I wrote the following on Sarah Marie's Facebook wall:

How much do I love you and our shared love of Audrey, wine, art, Dolly and trucks which brought us together?

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...

PS For the record, I was going to put my vanity aside and I wa totally going to post the "unflattering photo" but Sarah Marie has (graciously) removed it from her Facebook so I don't have a copy!


Nancy said...

Yeah, that Rude Cactus is one smart guy!
I've "met" some incredible people between the blogs I read and Facebook.
My family doesn't quite understand it, but I enjoy it.