Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Right? Kind of gets your attention and all doesn't it...the "FREE" part does I mean. Because who doesn't like FREE. We all like FREE. We love FREE.

So - to refresh your memories...

My big-time-mystery-writer-author father just released a new book, Flipping Out. And my wee little blog, If That Ain't Country, has been awarded a stop on the Flipping Out Blog Tour. And lil, wee old me has been given an autographed copy of Flipping Out to give away FREE to one lucky reader...

So how to decide who gets the book? Well - my first thought (and I stuck with it) is that about half of you are my readers...i.e. you know me (kinda sorta maybe). And half of you are possibly/probably/maybe Dad's readers who are diligently following the Blog Tour.


Here's the deal. How well do you know us? How well do you know me? How well do you know Dad? Me? My life is pretty much an open book...or rather, an open blog...at least it has been since July 2006. As for Dad, his website and his blog fill in many of the missing blanks.

But were you paying attention?

Ten questions follow. Five about me and five about Dad and/or his books and/or characters. Here's what you need to answer to win:

** Answer 3 questions about Dad and 1 question about me - you are now entered in a drawing to win a FREE AUTOGRAPHED copy of Flipping Out!

** Answer 3 questions about me and 1 question about dad - you are now entered in a drawing for me to send you 1 dozen homemade QUATTRO CHIP COOKIES. These are insanely good. I swear. Best cookies you will ever eat. Move over Mrs. Fields/Famous Amos/Chips Ahoy Dude...

** Answer any 4 questions total (me, dad, whatever) and you are entered in a drawing to win a "Best of What The Dollar Store Has To Offer" recession-themed gift basket.

** Answer more than any of the above, you are entered to win it all!

SEND YOUR ANSWERS TO itacillkissyour@yahoo.com. Obviously don't post in comment form because then everyone will see!!!

Complicated? Maybe. But I don't know any other way. Answers to all questions can be found on my Blog or Dad's site . When it comes to Dad, read his blog for sure, but also read the sample chapters from each book. Read them because that's where the answers are but also because: THEY ARE THAT EFFING GOOD. Really. I mean it.

You have until midnight Saturday(4/18). Winners will be announced on Monday, April 20th. Then, Dad will make a VERY SPECIAL APPEARANCE on If That Ain't Country on Tuesday, April 21st.

Now...What you have been waiting for...

Dad Questions

1. In Bloodthirsty, where is the first body found?
2. In Flipping Out, according to Lomax, who is the 8th circle of Hell reserved for?
3. In The Rabbit Factory, how does Terry Biggs meet his 4th wife, Marilyn?
4. What annual tradition did Dad begin when he was 16 years old?
5. What did Dad want to become when he began studying at Rutgers?

Me Questions

1. What did I wear to Monster Truck Jam?
2. Name 3 songs downloaded to my iPod since I began my love affair w/ country music.
3. Where was I when Nugget was born in April 2007?
4. During my first month in Lincolnton, I had a hard time finding what?
5. What was I drinking the other week when Duke beat Texas?

And if that ain't country (and oh so complicated), I'll kiss your...


Elizabeth White said...

Very fun, creative contest! I've already won my autographed copy of the book (woo hoo!!), but who couldn't use some insanely good cookies? ;-)