Friday, April 17, 2009

Gettin' My 'Cue On...

God love my friend Paul. Not only does Paul know that I LOVE to eat...but he knows that I am always looking for ITAC-worthy experiences to blog about. So what does he do when we get together for lunch on Monday? He takes me to Mac's Speed Shop on South Boulevard in Charlotte.

Now I confess. I knew we were going to Mac's well over a week ago...and I went online and perused the menu. Well, perused is kind of a light word. Devoured is more like it. I devoured the menu. And I knew exactly what I was getting too:

The Combo Platter (Can't Decide? We'll Make It Easy For Ya...) which included:

* Hand Pulled BBQ Pork (slowly cooked in our smoker all night and lightly tossed with Dan Boone's Already Famous BBQ Sauce)

* Beer Can Chicken (slow cooked and and finished on the grill, served naked or with your choice of wing sauce)

* St. Louis Style Ribs (dry rubbed and slow smoked for 6 hours and finished on the grill with Po Po's red ribs sauce)

* Kansas City Beef Ribs (dry rubbed and slow smoked for 6 hours and finished on the grill with Po Po's red ribs sauce)

* Texas Beef Brisket (dry rubbed for 24 hours and slow cooked for 12 hours and finished on the grill with Po Po's red ribs sauce)

Because I mean do you choose among all those choices? What on there do you NOT want to eat? Now that said - I figured I'd be a lady and order "A Little Bit of It All" versus the manly "A Whole Lot of It." And that wasn't even including the 2 sides that came with the platter (french fries, hush puppies, fresh slaw made daily, mac 'n cheese - while it lasts, onion rings and so on...)

Well Monday came. And I was all set to order the combo platter and make a complete pig of myself. Until Paul told me I'd be taking 2/3 of even "A Little Bit of It All" home with me. That just seemed...too self-indulgent. So I settled for a "small" BBQ plate with really good fries and even better slaw. And I am proud to say, I did a pretty decent job of polishing most of it off. And I was so happy to have a really good BBQ fix because it's been ages...

Fast forward to Wednesday. I am in Greenville, NC and last minute, the lunch I had scheduled with the health nut attorney gets cancelled and so I ask my co-worker in our Greenville office if we can have lunch at B's Barbecue which he's told me about 1000 times and which I am desperate to go to (click on the link - really. I mean - does it get any more ITAC than that??). I am told "No" - it's already after 12pm and they often run out of food and shut down early. So instead, we head to Uncle Yammy's Rib Shack.

Uncle Yammy's? Not yummy. In fact, Uncle Yammy's kind of sucked.

First of all - despite the country sounding name and the country style menu (BBQ, brisket, ribs, chicken, etc.), Uncle Yammy's is very new, very shiny, very sterile, and very clean. Ambiance is lacking. Again - I direct you to check out the above-posted link to B's. Tell me that place is not FULL of ambiance??

So yes. The menu sounds good. It feels like it should be good. Only it's not.

Let's not even mention the fact that our waitress brought me the wrong thing...twice. The 3rd time she got it right: Yammy's chicken (dark meat) and BBQ with sweet potato fries and slaw.

Where do I start? I could not put enough salt on the chicken. Simply not enough. Although it was quite tender (fall off the bone tender) and the sauce they cooked it in was ok...The fries? Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Sorry - just because they are SWEET potatoes doesn't mean they must be SWEET. I ate 1 or 2 to be polite. The slaw was inedible. Way too much sugar. And I love slaw. I can be very forgiving of slaw. But not this slaw. The BBQ was ok...Uncle Yammy's sauce is a lot of vinegar and not much else. I kept adding more. It didn't help.

So it was kind of a bust. And I appreciate my co-worker wanting to help me get my BBQ fix...but I had already gotten my BBQ fix this week and what I really wanted was a B's fix...

So one week. Two BBQ plates. Two very different experiences. I guess it's a good thing I live closer to Charlotte than Greenville because I assure you, I will be back at Mac's. Soon.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Trevor said...

I agree with the Uncle Yammy's review but please don't judge Greenville's BBQ by the Yammy standard... We took one of our consultants from NYC to B's this week. He wants to go back for more next time he is down.