Thursday, March 05, 2009

Red Star Saves the Day

I have had extremely positive retail experiences and extremely negative retail experiences. However last night was the first time I can recall where shopping actually proved to be a lifesaver.

So Marty and I were invited by an attorney I know to attend the First Night Gala of the Southern Spring Home and Garden Show in Charlotte. It was technically a work event so I asked Marty to wear a suit. I will pause here to say that he has a closet full of gorgeous bespoke suits, however he rarely wears them anymore (mainly to the occasional funeral). Still, when discussing wardrobe choices I made it be known that I preferred the 3-piece pinstripe (he looks amazing in it) with the blue and orange striped tie we got while in Italy and oh yeah, while you're at it, please wear a shirt with French cuffs. Don't think of me as being demanding. Think of me as merely giving some wardrobe guidelines.

6:15pm we are in the hotel room getting dressed when Marty announces he has forgotten cuff links (had I been there while he packed this might not have happened). My first thought is can I MacGuyver cuff links with what we have on hand (bobby pins come to mind) but unfortunately, I am not able to channel Richard Dean Anderson. Frankly, I can't even channel Will Forte.

My next thought is that do you actually need cuff links or can you just sort of fold the cuffs over and then gingerly put on the jacket over so as not to muss the sleeves. The answer is: French cuff shirts require cuff links.

So....what does the shopaholic in the relationship suggest?

We are conveniently staying in the South Park neighborhood and are literally seconds from the Mall. We pull out of the hotel driveway, Marty makes one right turn, goes through one light and BOOM - South Park Mall awaits. We have a choice between turning left into Dillard's or right into Macy's. Since Macy's is technically closer (and we are looking to make this as painless as possible for the non-shopper in the relationship), we pull in there. There's a spot right in front of the door. It's a sign

The door we enter through brings us right into the men's shop. Another sign. Since we are pressed for time and don't have time to explore, we ask the first 2 salesmen we see where the cuff links are. The cuff links are right there at the counter at which they are standing. How fortuitous!!!

Of course, as it turns out, there's not much of a selection. Red stars stars (the red stars are of course, for Macy's). Not exactly a match for the orange and blue tie...but better than a bobby pin.

All in all the whole experience lasted less than 5 minutes and cost about $7. Seriously.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


pbw said...

Of course, if you'd shopped at Belk rather than at Macy's, you'd have had a veritable plethora of cufflink choices...and no clashing red stars.

Go 'Heels.