Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Live-Blogging American Idol

8:01pm Live-blogging. Finally. Although I think Idol started a minute early and I was running late. Plus I have no fucking lights. I don't know why - the lights in the living room keep shorting out. And so I am in the dark. Crap - Ryan just asked Kara to define her favorite word: Artistry. Ugh.

8:03pm I forgot to mention that Paula appears to be in another Desperately Seeking Susan cast-off. Song choice this week is free reign...as long as it's a popular download on iTunes. Free reign??? Have you heard the songs these people have picked recently? They need Simon to pick all of their songs. Seriously.

8:06pm I don't know Usher. In fact - I doubt I know anyone the contestants pick tonight. But I will go on record as saying I LOVE Anoop. This is not a strong vocal but you have to give the kid props for stage presence, for standing out and for how he makes love to the camera. I can almost...almost...tolerate UNC being in the Final 4 because of Anoop.

8:09pm Paula is clearly high. Why is she talking about Anoop's stage presence? And Simon pans the performance...knew it.

8:10pm I am wondering if the Anoop-Kara tension is a Duke-UNC thing? And Megan doing Bob Marley? Shoot me now...

8:15pm Ryan's first plug for iTunes.

8:18pm I don't get Megan Joy. Apparently no one else does either.

8:19pm Paula is rambling on about stools...and Randy just compared Megan's performance to watching paint dry. Harsh DAWG. Harsh.

8:26pm I ABHOR Rascal Flatts. Why is Danny going to torture me???

8:28pm I am realizing I'd probably enjoy Rascal Flatts if they had a different singer. I am sort of liking this song (What Hurts The Most). It's enjoyable when it's not pushed out through the adenoids. The lyrics are kind of nice. As is the melody. I also, for the record, kind of like the new Rascal Flatts song on the radio. But I can't stand the vocals.

8:34pm I am an unabashed Alison fan. I don't get the wig...or the dress (I think she and Paula have been rummaging through the same bin). But I love her voice. Randy agrees with me.

8:37pm Simon always looks uncomfortable when Paula speaks. And he always rolls his eyes.

8:43pm Scott is going to sing Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel. This is so predictable. Everyone will lap it up...though I bet Kara comments on artistry.

8:45pm Scott is shouting - not singing. And he's wearing a T-birds outfit from Grease 2. Seriously.

8:47pm Apparently I am alone in my views. The judges...all of them...even Simon...LOVE it. Kara even likes "the new look."

8:55pm I am not a Matt G fan. Not this version. Not the other version.

9:01pm I am getting bored by these later contestants. I don't think Celine is ever a good choice...but I agree with Randy and Kara (so far) - Lil can sing.

9:04pm Way for Ryan to exploit Lil's kids. She's definitely coming back after this!

9:09pm Another plug for iTunes.

9:11pm I know everybody loves Adam. I am not quite sure I get him. But he is Idol material - whether you like his style or not. Paula's just compared him to Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler. Simon keeps it real...basically bizarre but a stand-out. And props to Adam for giving props to Ricky and the band. You know who's voting for him tonight.

9:13pm Why did Kara say Studio 57? Is she that dumb or was she trying to make a joke?

9:17pm There are a lot of commercials. This is why I prefer to watch on TiVo.

9:19pm For the record, even though I can NEVER remember who Kris is (even tonight, I knew there was one more contestant but couldn't remember who) - he is AWESOME. Adam who?? THIS is what it's all about. I heart Kris. I might even vote...dude he NAILED it!!!! But what's up with that Juan Valdez mustache in training???

9:21pm Kara can't contain herself..."that is artistry!"

9:24pm After watching the recaps, I think the bottom 3 will be Megan Joy, Anoop and Matt. If Megan Joy doesn't go home it's only because guys think she is hot (Haley Scarnato redux). And if Anoop is sent packing instead, I will pull for the Tarheels. Really I will.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Linda said...

First - No one is going home tonight due to a voting malfunction with the central computer. Special episode on Thursday - Too bad watching the final ER myself.

2nd - I LOVE Alison. They were all talking about her outfit, but uh....isn't she 16? Last time I looked 16 year olds like to have fun and dress funky. I know I did at that age. And look at all of the Hannah Montana and iCarly's!

Alison and Adam are the only ones that I can see going all of the way!