Monday, March 30, 2009


What happens when you shamelessly promote a loved one? You get FREE things to give away to your faithful readers. What can be better than that (for y’all at least)?

So after Friday’s post, dad called me up and asked me if I would participate in the official Flipping Out Blog Tour. I won’t get into specifics of what a “blog tour” entails (for all I know dad has details posted on his site and/or will have them posted shortly) – but know this: On April 21st If That Ain’t Country will be THE stop on the Flipping Out Blog Tour.

What does this mean for you dear reader? Well – let me re-phrase: You can become eligible to win FREE S#!T and what sort of free S#!T can you win?

Any time between now and April 20th, demonstrate how much you know about me…AND Dad (details to be released shortly) and you could win one of several prizes including:

1) An autographed copy of Flipping Out

2) 1 dozen of my homemade Quattro Chip Cookies (I’d simply send you the recipe but I guard it more closely than the Colonel guards his)

3) A well-thought out “gift basket” that reflects our current economy.I'm calling it the Dollar Store Special.

Details on the contest (An ITAC first) forthcoming.

And if that Ain’t Country, I’ll Kiss Your…


Beth Fish said...

I am totally going to win this! Cause, you know, I'll just ask your dad for all the answers.

moriarty said...

i'm ready to win some free stuff. on here and at trivia next week.

Linda said...

Sounds like fun!!

pbw said...

............and the key to winning the contest is who knows the most about you and your dad!? Hummmmmmmmm!