Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Idol Musings: A Not Quite Live Blog I couldn't quite live-blog Idol. But I did take notes...mostly live...and now I am sharing those notes after the fact. So here are my (and Marty's) thoughts on tonight's Idol.

8:01pm Surprise. Kara looks normal. Well - if Jane Fonda in Klute or a brunette Belle du Jour is "normal." Still - I am digging the false lashes and the bed head. As for Paula...she was apparently styled by a 6 year old who ran out of Barbies to torture and only had Madonna's cast-offs from Desperately Seeking Susan to choose from. At least Simon is smiling. And I am digging Preppy Randy. Anyone who says Dawg while wearing a striped cardigan gets my vote.

Ryan talks about Alexis Grace's "shocking" exit last week. Was it really shocking?

8:05pm The contestants arrive in Hitsville and Ryan comments that they are greeted by "screaming fans." Yeah - like 10. Way to exaggerate Ry. Seriously.

The first performance of the night belongs to Matt Giraud. I am not digging the falsetto. Or his wardrobe choice. One can not sing Let's Get It On while wearing a cardigan. Even Randy Jackson couldn't pull that off. The camera cuts to Paula - why is she praying? Oh wait - she merely has her hands clasped in admiration. I don't get Matt. I really don't. Marty says that he doesn't think it's an Idol-winning performance. I agree. So why does Paula comment on Matt's "sexy-cool vibe?" And even Simon, who I usually agree with, thinks that Matt is a front runner. For what?

8:19pm Ryan makes his first plug for tonight's performances being available on iTunes.

Marty says he can't picture Kara as a Duke girl and I am inclined to agree.

The next performance is Kris and we are in for back-to-back Marvin Gaye songs performed by white boys. Very white boys. Marty reminds me that How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You is actually well known as a James Taylor song - which makes sense. Another bad wardrobe choice - Kris's shirt reminds me of the Holocaust. What is with those numbers "tattooed" on the shoulders? Paula is up and dancing during the performance. It's not that good - though I do prefer him to Matt.

8:24pm Simon tells Kris that in order to be a star, " need to be conceited. Like me." Bravo Simon. Bravo.

8:25pm Mild Ry/Si banter. It's uncomfortable to say the least - but fortunately Ryan stays away from the sexual innuendo.

As Ryan tells America to vote for Kris, Marty points out that Kris is shorter than Ryan and wonders if the height disadvantage will hurt him when America votes.

8:31pm Why is Scott wearing head to toe salmon AND paisley? I know Scott is blind people - but please...While Scott performs, the camera cuts to Paula and Simon. Marty observes that it appears as though they are holding hands and that they do that alot. We agree - either they are having sex or he's keeping her from falling off her chair. Why does Scott pick such crappy songs? He's not the best vocalist to begin with...last week he chose Martina McBride. This week he's singing Diana Ross. I do like the arrangement in the beginning...the slow tempo...but then he "digs in" and it's sort of a mess. Marty likes Scott's timbre. Meanwhile, I once again come to the conclusion that Scott just does not have the vocal chops. However, as Marty reminds me, he is on the least.

And once again, Scott's performance inspires a debate amongst the judges. This week it's Girls v. Guys. Scott handles himself well given that he can't see the madness (at one point Ryan literally has to explain what's going on - poor Scott). Or all of Paula's bracelets. That's what my wrist looked like 3 weeks ago when I got decked out in my 80s finest to hit the Breakfast Club in Charlotte for my friend Sarah's birthday. For the record, I was also wearing leg warmers. At least Paula's not wearing leg warmers - right?

8:43pm Megan (sorry - Megan Joy) is up. Even in rehearsal I am detecting that funky thing she does with her vocals that I just don't care for. However, she is STUNNING. I mean, tattoo sleeve aside, the girl is gorgeous. Although I am not sure how I feel about the necklace but still...Less than a minute in Marty predicts she'll be gone this week. "Bordering on down right a Miss America pageant." Those were his thoughts. Mid-performance, the cameraman cuts to Paula and Simon who are playing kissy face. What's up with these 2? Judges comments are priceless. Randy: "It was a train wreck." Once again, it comes down to a crappy song choice. Paula: "You are stunning. You take my breath away." Thanks Paula. Useful at an actual Miss America pageant. Not a singing competition. Simon is less harsh than he should be and I therefore think that he wants to sleep with Megan. Sorry. Megan Joy.

8:54pm I realize just how serious Anoop's eyebrows are. During rehearsal, Smokey Robinson (this week's mentor during Motown Week) says that Anoop's performance of Ooh Baby Baby is sensual. Anoop? Sensual? Hmmm.....

No doubt - he can sing (and as always, we forgive him for being a Tarheel). Marty and I agree for sure on this point, however Marty thinks Simon will hate it. Despite the talent, it's kind of dull and slow. I am starting to drift and I begin to wonder what Kara studied at Duke to qualify her for this role. As comments roll in, Paula seems like she just might be beginning to crack and struggle with her words. Simon nails it: Anoop lacks showmanship. However, need I remind everyone of the showmanship that Anoop demonstrated 2 weeks ago during Michael Jackson week? Everyone hated it and asked for more serious vocals. Now that he's delivering serious vocals, they want showmanship. This show is a lose-lose for everyone sometimes.

9:05pm Michael Sarver says he is going to "Church up" his version of Ain't Too Proud To Beg. Before he even sings, Marty predicts that Michael and Megan (sorry, Megan Joy) will be in the Bottom 3. Once the roughneck starts, Marty and I agree, he's way better than we expected. Paula is the first judge to comment and she doesn't like. If Paula has nothing postive to say, you know you are in trouble. Michael basically gets ripped a new one by the judges (Kara makes at least her second reference throughout the evening to "artistry") and yet has the heart and class to stand up there, smile, and tell the world that he is lucky and having a Helluva good time. Michael Sarver is one classy dude! For that reason alone I hope he stays.

9:17pm Ryan makes his second plug for Idol performances on iTunes. Then it's Lil Rounds. I am digging the wig. Digging the dress. Digging the saucy, sassy attitude. But the vocals leave me feeling...just so-so. Paula's up out of her chair dancing. Marty thinks Lil sounds flat and off-tempo. I agree she sounds pitchy in places. Randy says that the "front of the song sounded tortured." Kara says something about Lil choosing "melodies that breathed more" and I wonder if she's been popping some of Paula's happy pills.

Kids - it comes down to one thing. Song Choice. Song Choice. Song Choice.

For the record, Simon reminds everyone that Lil can sing and basically encourages America to vote.

9:28pm We are off TiVo time and on real time.

9:30pm I didn't realize just how many commercials they show. I usually fast forward.

9:32pm Adam looks like Elvis...or maybe Chris Isaak. Marty doesn't like it. I do. He's singing Tracks of My Tears - TO SMOKEY - but he kills it. I am not a fan of the falsetto (and there's lots of falsetto tonight) but Adam is so...subdued. Modern. I think to myself while he sings: I'll betcha Kara talks about his "artistry."

At the end of his performance, Adam gets a standing O from Smokey. Ok - so he's totally redeemed himself from last week. And I am totally right. Kara tells Adam that he "showed artistry on that stage tonight." Oh Kara - didn't they teach vocab at Duke?

Marty observes that this year seems to be all about the guys. I point out that there are only 3 women in the Top 10.

9:41pm Why is Ryan holding a trumpet? Or is that a flugelhorn? Danny can doubt...but I am irritated that he did not take Smokey's advice on the arrangement - especially after telling everyone that Smokey was way smarter and more experienced and therefore his advice was to be trusted. I personally think that Danny lacks confidence and that will be his ultimate undoing in this competition. However, I have no doubts as to his ability to secure a recording contract and become a Christian rock star. I love Danny. I really do.

9:46pm Why do they always qualify Alison as "16-year-old Alison?"

9:47pm The preview for 17 Again comes on. It appears to be a cross between Big and 13 Going on 30 - in reverse and with boys. How do these films get greenlighted?

9:51pm I LOVE Alison. But I think it's (Papa Was a Rolling Stone) kind of a weird song choice. Marty thinks she could blow Kelly Clarkson out of the water. Kara - who earlier said she NEVER stands - is standing and dancing. So is Paula - but that's hardly a surprise. Kara tells Alison that her voice "is from God." Paula's comments don't count because we are all to focused on the crayon mustache that Simon has drawn on her face. What are those 2 doing? Simon compliments Alison - but not to the extent he could.

9:55pm As they run through this week's performances, I am wondering if I should actually vote this year - specifically for Alison. I haven't voted since Taylor Hicks/Katherine McPhee.

9:59pm I realize Smokey is in full on brown leather and for that reason alone I love him.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...