Friday, February 06, 2009

A Few of My Not So Favorite Things

I knew this would happen. I knew that taking on an ambitious series of posts having to do with My Favorite Things was too much. For starters - I don't have too many favorite things. I thought the whole big cup/Bojangles angle was really clever but I have yet to come up with a similar example. I am toying with a post on infomercials/my favorite infomercial offerings (and I will digress here for but a brief instant to say that I have the dubious distinction of once having appeared in an infomercial...perhaps details to follow in a subsequent post but no guarantees) but I am still not 100% sure about what I'd write about. Especially under the heading "My Favorite Things."


I do feel compelled to comment on some of my not so favorite things these days. And this is mainly a result of my having driven 600+ miles this week. Mostly on I-40. Some on I-85.

1) The left lane is for passing. It is not for loitering, lingering or idling. If you are not passing, you should not be in the left lane. And even if you are passing and there is someone behind you who wants to go faster, get over. I don't care if you are doing 120mph in a 60mph zone. If the car behind you is going 125mph - MOVE OVER! I find that the biggest offenders in this category are truck drivers with something to prove, men in minivans and anyone talking on a cell phone (or otherwise distracted).

2) Go the speed limit. Please. Unless it is raining cats and dogs, extremely foggy, very dark or conditions are otherwise dangerous - there is no need to go slower than the posted speed limit. Especially if you are in the left lane.

3) If there is a Yield sign, YIELD. I find this to be especially problematic on Business-40 in Winston-Salem. It's a dicey kind of road and several on-ramps are yields and yet often people don't yield and try to force themselves into the rush of traffic. If they simply yielded, results would be better.

4) On the other hand, Yield does not mean STOP. You do not need to come to a complete stop unless there is a car coming.

5) Any gas station that's not pay-at-the-pump should be out of business. Seriously. And I am particularly annoyed at the Shell station in Catawba, NC which not only is NOT pay-at-the-pump BUT which I think completely snookers unsuspecting drivers such as myself. They have 6 pumps: 2 93-octane, 2 89-octane and 2 87-octane. Both 87s and 1 89 were "out of order." So not only could I not pay at the pump, I had to pay more (my little Blazer only needs 87).

I am sure there are 100 more things I could complain about but for now...

If that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Cat said...

As someone who commutes, 45 minutes each way, I completely agree. I admit I drive fast, way over the speed limit. Nothing gets me more than someone driving under the speed limit in the left hand lane, especially when they can get over. Instead I end up having to pass on the left. I want to follow these people sometimes and put a big sticker on their car that says something like "I don't understand simple rules of driving on the interstate. Follow me and see!" :)