Thursday, January 01, 2009

White Walls Mean Everything

I meant to write this post yesterday but surprise, surprise I didn't have time. I'll tell you what - for someone who has been on vacation since December 24th, I have not had a moment to vacate and you want to know why? BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN SUPER BUSY RE-DOING OUR HIDEOUS PURPLE BATHROOM!!!!

That's right, the To Do List I started this time last year is pretty much done and redoing the bathroom was the cherry on the sundae that has been my year.

Gone are the lilac walls and the pansy purple trim. The walls are now Ultra White (as white as it gets) and the trim is Vegas Green. Gone is the stand alone mirror. it has been replaced with a mirrored medicine cabinet which means for the first time in almost 3 years I don't have to reach down to get my post-shower items (moisturizer, toner, etc.) from under the sink. Also it means I don't have to leave all of my teeth brushing accoutrements on the sink - they are put up where they belong. That ugly and old fashioned light fixture has been replaced with a beautiful vanity bar with 6 globes emitting lots of soft white light. We even replaced the shower rod with one of those curved rods now de rigeur in hotels across the country (so much so that's literally called the hotel shower rod) so the shower feels about 10x bigger.

And you want to know the amazing thing? We pretty much did it all ourselves. It started the day after Christmas - Marty and I rented a steam stripper and stripped off all the wall paper. That was fun. Saturday, while we were at the Meineke Car Care Bowl, Steve came and patched the sheetrock/prepped the walls. Sunday I primed. Monday I painted the walls. Tuesday morning I painted the trim. Tuesday night I touched up the trim and waited impatiently for Marty and Carl to get everything hung. I stayed up until 2am cleaning and putting away and organizing. It was thrilling - seriously.

I take it as a positive sign, a good omen that I am heading into the new year with a bright and clean and organized and spacious bathroom(seriously - the whole bathroom feels that much bigger even though we didn't do any construction).

Happy New Year!

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...