Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What Are the People Thinking?

So this post finds its roots in 2 totally separate yet not completely unrelated thoughts.

First - you know me - I LOVE awards shows - all awards show. Even the Peoples Choice Awards which although they are THE OFFICIAL kick-off to the year's awards ceremonies are also probably the weakest link. Not that the Hollywood Foreign Press is much more qualified but have you seen some of what the People have nominated/chosen?

Anyways, the People have (under the influence of serious drugs and/or alcohol and/or sniffing glue) chosen Rascal Flatts as their Favorite Group (over Coldplay and Maroon 5). And as I sit here and listen to Rascal Flatts (a band whose insane popularity makes me seriously scratch my head) perform live i.e. warble insanely off-key (and here's PCA hostess Queen Latifah with a not so clever quip: there's nothing FLAT about them...ha ha...not flat? Maybe not flat but certainly not on key either...) I have to wonder: What on Earth (or beyond Earth) has made these dudes so effing popular? I mean - seriously...these guys SUCK! I don't think anyone uses their adenoids quite like the lead singer of RF - and that's not a good thing!

And yet - they win awards and accolades and sell out ampitheaters and if you listen to Country radio (as I do) you hear fans swooning and crooning and mooning over them like they are the next Elvis/Rolling Stones/Beatles...

Which brings me to my second point...I overheard on the radio that RF is coming to Charlotte and guess who they are touring with...drum roll please...Jessica "I played Daisy Duke in a Movie Therefore I Qualify As A Country Star" Simpson. Can you imagine a more PAINFUL concert????

And if that ain't country (and trust me, in Jessica's case, it ain't), I'll kiss your...

ps Kid Rock's "All Summer Long," a staple on country radio and on CMT Top 25 video countdown won for Favorite Rock Song. ROCK SONG. Is it just me or are the people HIGH?


Linda said...

You mean to tell me that your NOT going to go to the concert? LOL

Sumo said...

Did you see the national title game last night?