Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Indie No More

A big, proud shout out to Marty, whose song Alive was released today on "Chill Out" a compilation CD released by Quickstar Productions.

Chill Out features some of the best up and coming acoustic artists from the East Coast music scene and Marty's song is side A, track 1.

Still tyring to figure out if it's available on iTunes (requires my booting up an entirely different laptop and I've had the sort of day where I just don't feel like doing that). In the meantime, I suspect y'all are savvy enough to track it down online.

And if that ain't country (and a little bit rock and roll), I'll kiss your...


Anonymous said...

It will be on iTunes in about three weeks (for those tech savvy downloaders).

Luv ya sweet! And thanks for the plug...

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Permanent Reverse Album!

Marty P

Linda said...

God, I hate Itunes!! Well, not really, but I hate it when I want a song! Dial up sucks!

Anonymous said...

It is on I Tunes already...I downloaded it this morning.