Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Say Tomato, You Say...'Mater

So I am not a tomato freak. I am not one of those girls who buys 8 bushels of tomatoes in June/July during the peak of tomato season and subsequently eats BLTs and tomato sahndwiches and tomato pie all day, every day for the rest of the summer. But that said...I do enjoy a good tomato. In a salad. On a sandwich. That sort of thing.

Anyways, I have noticed recently that the tomatoes I have been getting have been sort of...bleeeehhh. Mealy. Mushy. Inedible in one instance. Even in this day of hydroponics and importing produce from warmer climes it has been tough to find a decent tomato as of late.

Then I remembered what Marty's Aunt Hazel told us. We ran into her over the holidays while running errands downtown (this is why you have to love small town life). She had been out and about herself running errands and she had picked up some tomatoes from the guy who sets up a little stand across from the credit union. They were homegrown (so I could feel good about improved efforts to be more of a locavore) and quite tasty - even though it was the middle of December.

I reminded Marty about this while we were out watching the Duke game on Wednesday and he was picking soggy tomatoes off of his fish tacos.

Me: "Remember about that guy your Aunt Hazel told us about - you know - the one who sells tomatoes by the credit union?"

Marty: "No. That's not what she said."

Me (protesting somewhat): "What do you mean that's not what she said? That's exactly what she said. The guy across from the credit union sells really good tomatoes - even in the winter."

Marty: "No. She said 'Maters. She said he sells good 'Maters."

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...