Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How I Came to Finally Get My Haircut in Lincolnton: The Final Chapter

As it turns out, my friend Becky knows Holly and she brokered the introduction. She explained to Holly that I had been getting my haircut by someone in NYC for a long time but that I needed someone local and she was the only person I was interested in talking to. Holly agreed to meet with me and I scheduled a consultation for December 1st – about 3 weeks after my cut with Oscar.

I went to Holly’s salon and gave her the whole story. My longstanding relationship with Oscar, my hesitance to switch but the fact that I needed a local resource, my anxiety-provoking cut in Charlotte- all of it. She in turn examined my cut, she commented on the layers and the movement. She played around – she used a flat iron to smooth it. She flipped out the ends (I had been wearing them turned under). She even curled it with a curling iron (it looked really cute). She trimmed my bangs.
I think it was a 2-sided interview and I guess we both passed because at the end of the consult, I scheduled an appointment to get my haircut on December 22nd. The days before the actual cut were filled with anticipation – but in a good way. I think mainly I was excited to have reached a stage where I felt comfortable and trusting enough to let someone else care for my hair.

The day of, Holly was running late so I sat in the waiting room and read my book (Black Out, an amazing novel by Lisa Unger –I highly recommend it). And then came the moment of truth. And you know what? It was fine. Holly did a wonderful job. She was different than Oscar – her rhythm, her methods, her style – but it didn’t bother me and I was completely relaxed. She parted my hair to the side (which I never do), and she blew it dry with a little more volume than I am used to (then again, this is the South) but I think I have found myself a local stylist. And the best part? She charges $25 for a wash, color and style!

And if that ain’t country, I’ll kiss your…


Alison said...

Okay, $25 for cut, color, and style has me interested! I found a hair stylist in L'town last year thanks to my Charlotte coworker actually. So far, I'm basically satisfied, but I'm still above that $25 figure. Where is this Holly's salon? Is she sure that she doesn't want / need new clients? Of course, I'm getting attached to Beverly, but I need to get her to challenge my hair a little these days.

Sumo said...

Well welcome to the real world