Monday, January 05, 2009

How I Came to Finally Get My Haircut in Lincolnton: Chapter 4

The problem began after the haircut-that-changed-my-life. My next trip to NYC was a short time later – too soon for a cut and even our heavily discounted friends and family rate is too much for a trim. My next trip was on a Sunday. My next trip was over the summer and Oscar was on vacation. And while the haircut-that-changed-my-life had a longer shelf life than most, after 6+ months even it was starting to fray around the edges.

A trip to NYC in early October was the perfect opportunity to get my coif fixed….only about a week before Oscar called and cancelled. He would be in LA. I debated. I would be back the following month for a wedding, but I couldn’t wait. I was desperate. I needed the cut. A cut. Any cut. I was also desperate for change which meant I needed someone I trusted. So I asked Oscar who I could see in his absence.

So October 3rd, Oscar’s brother Luca gave me an amazing chin length bob and bangs - another haircut that changed my life. Given that my hair is naturally curly, this style is “against God’s plan” for my hair to be sure. But I loved it. And when I returned to NYC 4 weeks later, I kept my appointment with Oscar who made me look even more like Louise Brooks than I ever thought possible.

After the new haircut-that-changed-my-life, I knew that I was in trouble. A haircut like this needs serious maintenance and upkeep. I can’t afford to go 6 months without even a trim. And I am traveling to NYC less and Oscar’s schedule is so unpredictable…

Before the visit to Luca, I had reached that stage where I was ready to go local. I had asked my friend Anna, who is really cute and who has really cute hair, who her stylist was. Anna went to Holly Perkins, but she also warned that she didn’t think that Holly was taking on new clients. Great – leave it to me to find the celebrity stylist of Lincolnton.

To be continued…


Linda said...

That haircut looks so cute on you!! Love it!!