Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trying To Be a Better Blogger

After months of not giving it hardly any thought at all, recently I have spent a lot of time thinking about my blog. It started when my dad re-launched his new website and blog and there were 2 things I noticed right off the bat. First, at the end of his post he announced when (and what) he would be posting next – the following Wednesday. Wow, I thought. He’s managing his readers’ expectations. No checking every day to see if there’s something new. No disappointment when there’s not. Readers know to check back in 7 days and they will be greeted with a new post. Also, he’s being reasonable and realistic about how much he can contribute. Clearly, he’s choosing not to write daily and he’s ok with that.

The other thing I noticed was that he ended the post with a question, meant to draw readers in and encourage them to comment. Now while I do get the occasional comment, even my attempts at delurking only drew 9 comments. So this got me thinking about my blog, what it was, what it has become and what it could potentially be.

Originally, this was a way to communicate en masse to family and friends about all my crazy fish out of water experiences (remember the iced coffee incident or my visit to The Silver Bullet?) as a city girl transplanted to the country. It was meant to be a combination of funny and shocking and surprising, but somewhere along the way I got acclimated and things that once seemed so interesting, no longer seemed blog-worthy. And while I have written on other random subjects, somehow in my own head I have never gotten quite comfortable with things that don’t tie back to the original mission of the blog.

My other problem is time. Some months are good. Some not so good. Recently, finding time to blog has been near impossible. The combination of being busy and not feeling like I have anything to write about has meant only 6 posts in August, 6 in September, 2 in October and 6 in November (December appears to be slightly better). So this raises the question – who said I needed to be posting every day? Is there anything wrong with only posting once a week, but making it a meaningful post? Or posting twice a week? Should I be feeling so guilty when I neglect my blog (and by extension my readers) for 8, 10 even 12 days? Just how often do I need to post?
And what should I be posting about? Y’all know that I have goats and a donkey and that I go to the farm supply store (3 of them actually) and that I drive a pick-up truck and listen to country music and that I eat BBQ etc. etc. etc. Y’all get it.

If That Ain’t Country has clearly evolved and I am not so sure that the original mission necessarily applies. So I ask you, dear readers, what should my new mission be?

And if that ain’t country, I’ll kiss your…


Tracey said...

Please keep blogging. I love your blogs. I do not recall how I stumbled across it but I have it bookmarked and really enjoy reading it. I will be attending the art show in Jan. thanks to you because I would not have found it any other way. I am a city girl here in Charlotte but a country girl at heart. I grew up helping my grandfather on a 150 acre farm and loved it. Keep up the good work!!

Linda said...

I love reading your blog, Sarah!! Please keeping posting. When I would blog, I would blog about whatever was on my mind at the time. Most of it was about my boys and their issues.