Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven Years Later

I guess I have been faced with bloggers-block as of late. I just haven't felt that inspired by anything...not farm life...not life in NC...not the impending season change (although will it please hurry up and get cold so all of the poison ivy/oak/sumac on my property and everywhere else dies? I had to get a shot today - a SHOT PEOPLE - just to deal with the mess that is eating up the back of my left leg).

I was thinking that today might inspire being September 11th and all. But I had the opposite reaction. I stayed as disconnected from "9/11" as possible. It wasn't a conscious choice I don't think...I don't even really know. But I didn't turn on the news at all today. I avoided coverage. And I am not sure if it's because it was 7 years later and I was just too far removed...or if it's because it was 7 years later and I was still too close.