Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Real Country Girl Saturday

So I sort of cheated just a little yesterday in that I ended my post by saying I had to go to the farm supply and buy all sorts of farm girl items just because a post on Mark Paul Gosselear isn't actually "country" and I wanted to try and stay a little bit on topic but the truth was I'd been thinking about going to the farm supply and had in fact made a list of all the items I actually needed so it was sort of a half truth - half lie...

Anyways...drove up to Duan Farm Supply in Maiden this morning and stocked up on all things farm-related: 2 bales of straw, 5 bags of shaving, 2 bags of whole corn, 1 bag of apple and oat treats, 2 mineral blocks, a new pitchfork (with smaller, tighter tines so that I don't lose so many shavings when I am mucking Dixie's stall), and a can of wasp/hornet killer since I used up our entire other can demolishing nest after nest that has sprung up in the barn the last few weeks.

Got back home and of course it's never easy driving the truck down to the barn because you have to open the big gate and Dixie and Lucky both have a tendency to want to be wherever we are which means they are liable to escape unless we have them locked up - which I didn't - so there was lots of running around trying to get them secure so Marty could drive into the pasture.

Then the next 90 minutes were spent working my tail off - Dixie's stall got a thorough cleaning with my new pitchfork (which someone told me is called an apple picker) and then I spread 2 bags of fresh shavings. I had to spread straw in the other two stalls as well as under the picnic table and extra straw went into the hay feeder (where I discovered yet another wasp's nest - you've got to be kidding me!).

There was sweeping to be done and water to be changed and feed to be put up...

I haven't had such a farm day since the day I stripped Dixie's stall.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...