Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To Bee or Not To Bee

Ok - so I JUST watched Bee Movie on Sunday and as far as I am concerned, all bees can talk and are funny and loveable not to mention critical to the environment. And in real life, I am well aware of what's going on with honey bees dying and the fact that Haagen Daaz created Honey Bee Vanilla ice cream to thank the bees for all of their hard work. So let's just say - I am sympathetic to bees. Except when they start nesting in my donkey's stall.

I noticed the hive when I went to put some vaseline on poor Dixie's nose (which is newly raw in other places leading me to believe that she is not suffering from bridle rash but rather some other sort of ailment). It wasn't there yesterday but toay it was - a small little hive with about 10 black & yellow striped insects buzzing around.

So here was my dilemna - Kill the bastards (natural instinct) or let them live (curse you Jerry Seinfeld)?

In the end, instinct won out. I grabbed a can of wasp & hornet killer that you can spray from up to 27 feet away, and I hosed the hive. Of course, I don't even really think they were bees...they were too big. They were probably yellow jackets. In which case I don't feel quite so bad.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...